the author of the American edition of Forbes Jared Ranahan, explained to journalists of Kalmykia, why he compiled a sensational list of underrated cities in Russia and why included in this list Elista.

Head of the national television of the Republic of Kalmykia Altman Trofimov told to the correspondent “RG” that the Republic is now oriented to the disclosure of the tourist potential, so a review of the American edition is called special interest. Journalists were able to find Jared Ranahan in the Hawaiian Islands.

“He was very surprised that we found it, and was glad that the rating has caused a resonance in Russia. While Jared Ranahan admitted that he is not is a staff reporter for Forbes. He was a travel blogger, traveling to different countries and visit Russia. Because of the 13 hour time difference interview on Skype with him had to write at six in the morning. For this, we specially invited the student Kalhu that helped simultaneous interpretation,” says Altman Trofimov.

interestingly, in Elista, the author of Forbes was not. Talking about what prompted him to make a rating, Jared Ranahan explained that he had met in Moscow with a large number of people from all over Russia and realized that, like many Americans, in addition to the capital and St. Petersburg, he knew absolutely nothing about other Russian cities. The blogger began to show interest in Northern and far Eastern territories, then drew attention to the South and became interested in Kalmykia and Elista. Jared Ranahan deeply struck by the fact that in Europe there is a small piece of the Buddhist East, where the locals look different.

“People arrive somewhere, spend money there, and learn about the region and take this knowledge home, and this place then gaining worldwide recognition and acclaim. But I think that might be a problem. Some cities, crowded by tourists, such as Amsterdam and Barcelona are already starting to suffer. I very much hope that Kalmykia is also unwind, but you will be able to find a balance and benefit from tourism more pros than cons. In General, I wanted to create a rating because Russia is a huge country, where you can see different beautiful regions. I wanted to highlight those places that many do not even know. But the people of these places deserve to tell the story of their home as well as large well-known city to tell his story,” says Jared Ranahan on the record, which is now just preparing for the evening broadcast.

by the Way, Elista journalists have invited the author of Forbes to visit, and he gladly agreed to come in the steppe Republic.