Recently the doctors have created a petition on the necessity of adopting a separate Law on pensions for loss of breadwinner to the families of the victims during the epidemic of the coronavirus colleagues: “Because we must”. This initiative has already gained on the Internet more than seventy thousand votes.

On July 7, an informal national list of memorial health professionals – 555 names.

the Position of the Ministry of health, which recently announced Murashko Minister – within the period of the pandemic in Russia died only 40 doctors.

Obviously, while it is the number of the dead, or rather, their family will be able to count on compensation from the state – 2.7 million rubles.

But what about the others?


of Course, in an informal five hundred includes not only doctors, but nurses, and nurses caring for the sick.

Unfortunately, the death from a serious illness asks a diploma of higher education.

Although doctors specifically in the informal list of memory – more than half.

Yes, it is, in many diagnosis should not directly coronavirus infection, or she is not considered a major cause of death that is likely to deprive their relatives of the right to compensation.

whether they Want the state to recognize that all of these people performing their professional duty, or otherwise died from the effects of COVID-19, direct or indirect?

Because the Treasury will have to fork out at least half a billion rubles. And this is only the families of the dead workers, but there are also survivors who have become disabled.

So, obviously, for each of the list memory local officials “beat”, only to have his death not come under the insurance.

“There are cases that were under investigation,” confirmed the Minister of health of the Russian Federation.

Until recently, generally were not published figures of trade losses. While the media wrote that only in Dagestan died more than 40 physicians.

on 26 may, the Director of the Department of public health, communication and expertise activities Larisa BB for the first time, said that from the beginning of the epidemic died 101 a medic with coronavirus.

In June, the head of Roszdravnadzor Alla Samoilov publicly said that in recent months has left the life of 489 health workers. However, after a few hours her words were immediately refuted.

At the moment in the Russian regions there are more than thousand of the special committees that conduct investigations into the deaths of each physician. So, God forbid, not pay extra.


19-the summer student of medical College, Svetlana Yurieva buried all the village Karsun of the Ulyanovsk region. She died on 31 may. Beautiful, excellent student, activist and all of a sudden, sudden death.

To the last girl OStava on the post. She was a volunteer. Did not stop to help others even when they know about their incurable diagnosis. She didn’t die from kovida – cancer.

the Light went on the red diploma, was planning to go to medical school. Abdominal pain felt in the beginning of 2020. At first did not attach importance, but the local village doctors still sent the girl to the regional hospital. The light was operated on in February, but she did not.

“She got up and went to help,” I remember the last months of the life of Svetlana her friends. A month before death every day girl hurt, was delivering products to the elderly, the drip and injections, caring for her mother when she, too, was ill.

on may 22, she was again taken to the hospital, and 28 took her home, it’s lying. During re-operation revealed a fourth, a hopeless stage of cancer..

Governor of the region promised to introduce the volunteer to the state award. Definitely a nice gesture.

That’s just based on whether the family of the girl, which brought two more children, 2.7 million? After all, the death certificate Svetlana Anufrievoy is not cowed. And she was not even a graduate.

the Nurse in the admissions Department of the Voronezh hospital No. 3 Tatiana Thorny died June 11. However, the local authorities assured that the infection happened at home and not connected with the performance of official duties. Therefore, the family of Tatiana also does not rely on any payments.

Only two of five hundred people.

the LIST does NOT MEAN

Died from kovida or not? In my opinion, you should first look would still be alive the health care provider, if the pandemic was not.

reporters media zones tried to check the information about the people who were included in the overall national list of memory care providers. At the time of investigative journalism (may 19) 255 the dead they left 186 people.

“From the resulting list we excluded a few names: for example, two doctors who mysteriously fell from the window, one doctor, who died from overwork, – says Dmitry Treschanin. – Seven died during the pandemic did not practice, and another six deaths directly associated infection really was not.”

Colleagues of the victims agree that we need a separate law, which would help the families of the victims.

“Payments designated by the state now, won’t be able to help grow and educate orphaned children, support of remaining without a son or daughter of elderly parents. We are confident that their families are required to pay a pension for loss of breadwinner is similar to the measures of compensation of harm, caused to life and health of citizens in military service due to radiation or technogenic disasters,” – reads the petition.

the size of the pension offer set is equal to three average salaries of the five or the minimum wage.

sorry FOR ALL of

meanwhile, after it was announced that the first wave of coronavirus in Russia defeated, the surviving health workers are also gradually reducing the additional payment. And beyond.

“it’s a Shame for all, bitterly writes in the social network doctor is one of the Central hospitals. – People receive payments, but they cut s/n And calculate the tax twice, is the norm. This is the fault of people who, under the guise of the decree of the President, do as you see fit. And know it won’t stay like that…”