In the Basmanny district court began the hearing on the remand to the Governor of the Khabarovsk Krai Sergey Furgal. In the beginning he told the court some interesting facts from his family life and medical history.

As the correspondent “MK”, few minutes ago he was brought into a room and placed in the aquarium. Furgal put to the meeting the blue classic suit and required by today’s accessory – the mask.

He explained that he was tired from a long flight. Nevertheless, the head of the region have maintained friendly and greeted everyone with a smile.

to Protect Sergey Furgala are just four of the lawyer.

the Governor said that is civil marriage, has children.

-Why you say that dependent if the child is born in 1990?- the judge asked.

-Well, because more dependent, because you can’t earn enough resources.

-He’s a student you have?

Yes, a student.

-And where is learning?

In Khabarovsk at the faculty of… the Institute of the Russian Academy of national economy, Ranepa, only in Khabarovsk.

-So what is this birth?

Anton, what year? All mixed up, your honour. Well, here sits the child, – the Governor answered and pointed at the young man in white shirt sitting modestly at the window. Well, turns 29 years old. I’m helping him, because…

-So, do not enter the court into error.

– a son of 2000, dependent.



Furgal also explained that he has an adopted daughter, 1989.

-what is your profession?

I think you have already worked… the Governor of Khabarovsk territory.

Chronic diseases are?

Bronchitis, allergic to latex and some medications. And the operation was easy, – said Furgal.

Investigators also asked to close the process – the Governor can threaten.

In turn, Furgal has declared that is afraid of nothing:

-I do Not see any threat to themselves, especially while on the dock. As for the other, I don’t know. I leave to your discretion, your honor.

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