held in early July final exams in ballet schools at this time was very different from the usual scenario. As a rule, in schools of this kind is a beautiful concert at the end of the school year for which graduates and other students of Junior and senior classes and courses are preparing an extensive program, show what skills and skills acquired during training. In addition to the concert exams graduates of choreographic schools and directly in the classroom, at the bench, in the presence of the State Commission. And then pass the prom, which solemnly handed diplomas. About how final exams were held this year, as well as about the situation in the Bolshoi theatre after gradual removal of the quarantine restrictions, “MK” told the ex-artistic Director of the Bolshoi ballet, now the teacher-tutor of the Bolshoi theatre and artistic Director of the Moscow ballet school at the Moscow state academic dance theatre “Gzhel”, people’s artist of the USSR Boris Akimov.

Boris, like this year passed examinations in ballet schools?

in the Academy “Gzhel”, was about the teachers of the graduating class: teachers, classical dance, characteristic, duet – all… the Chairman of the Commission was Kirillov Vladimir Petrovich – the artistic Director of Moscow state academic children’s music theatre named after N. I. Sats. We set the assessment at the end of last year. The disciples have given us a video (their own variations) for the protection of diplomas. We looked at all this and set the assessment and the discussion took place the protection of diplomas. Then these diplomas will sign, and when it will be possible, will be awarded. Graduates this year we have a little bit. Only 8 girls finish school. By the way, the two of them Derendjaeva and Shatohina – accepted to the Bolshoi theater. It is really very good girls, they have already won many contests in Russia and abroad, took first and second places. Director of ballet of the Bolshoi theatre Mahar Vaziev there was able to see them, he liked their performance. They have already had the opportunity to visit the class at the teacher of the Bolshoi theatre Svetlana Adyrkhaeva before the pandemic. They did in the theater, skip, and a month and a half they were doing in her class. It’s nice that we have every year in a Large take girls. So for 6 students “Gzhel” after graduation, work at the Bolshoi theatre. In General, our students work in many theaters in Russia: the troupe of Boris Eifman, the Mariinsky theatre, Musical theatre of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko, theatre CAC theatre Kasatkina and Vasilyov and other theatres of Russia. Even as far away as seaside Mariinsky theatre in Vladivostok. Several graduates of our school are already working there. This year one of the girls in this release, too, joined this group.

– Exam and diploma were not live? You say that the alumni have provided the footage. That is, they are in the school had not been, and you broadcast the recording?

– No, not live, as was usual. Such was the condition of release reported. Some restrictive measures are removed, but some still active. We were waiting for instructions, the form in which it is possible to hold. So each member of the Commission, the material was sent. We all watched it, and based on that discussed. I must say that the material we watched, already presented, they have danced these variations and the protection of diplomas was done on these shots. That is, the girls presented the material, where they dance on the record, and members of the Commission it judged on the quality of their performances and training. Discussed each variation and put the marks.

However, the Commission attended the school at full strength? That is, you are not working remotely?

We were together in the great hall. All teachers, members of the Commission sat at separate tables, put a distance of five feet from each other, in masks, gloves and, of course, discussed grades. But in principle, there is a clear picture, whether it’s our school, whether it’s Moscow or the Vaganova Academy, some other ballet school. Because students know everything. We played a lot, and the abilities of each are well known. We have a Junior, that is, in our case, in the second year, more or less clearly, who have the prospects.

– That is, graduation from the Moscow Academy of choreography and other dance schools occurred in the same way?

– Yes, and they have the same. We have a Chairman was Cyril. He was also a member of the Commission at the Moscow Academy of choreography from the theatre Sats. Other colleagues told me that everywhere protection was remote, viewed, discussed, and put the results in order (ie 18-19) academic year. We have, incidentally, the Chairman of the Commission and last year was the same Kirillov, so he all of our students knows. At the end of December we have a test lessons, concerts, performances of students on the basis of which we put the marks. In the Moscow Academy about the same situation.

But this is the situation with the graduates and other courses in choreographic schools from the exams this year were released?

Yes, there are also teachers set assessment, given their ability, and academic performance last season, it has relied on annual estimates of the last school year, when learningfor these exams, plus this semester from September to January, well the months it had time to study before the announcement of the pandemic. On newpussy course was, of course, it’s easier. Just raised estimates for these parameters, which I have already said, and the examinations were not conducted.

How it happened at all classes in choreographic schools during a pandemic?

– Like everywhere else. On the monitor, online our teachers gave lessons and on General subjects and special: the classics, folk-character dance and others. It was the same in the Moscow Academy. That is, in terms of the specialty were daily classes via Zoom. When Zoom was introduced, by the way, it became easier, because there can be different individually in the Windows to watch one, the second, third disciple, to make some observations.

– now that the school year is over and the kids are gone for the summer, for classes starting in September? In what form they will take, it is already known?

– While we still know nothing. The relevant instructions of higher authorities is not received. September is scheduled as usual, unless there will be a new flash. In late August, the school would like to always have a new set. However, some schools such a set have already played online, but we came to the conclusion that the conduct of the recruitment thus is not entirely correct, because in our profession it is necessary, that is, their eyes and their hands to check the data future students. So we decided to make a set at the end of August.

– Boris, you are a teacher-repetiteur at the Bolshoi theater. How’s are things?

– We are also waiting for solutions…

But I know that in the theater, despite the vacation to begin immediately to restore the form, someone from the artists have already started to put to do in the halls. In the same way as was done in the Mariinsky theatre at the end of may. Not all of course, four people at different times, but slowly allowed into classes. And the Bolshoi theatre is also starting to do…

– I do not know, to be honest. At least until recently, no one in the Big is still not allowed. I asked the guard, when in the theatre at the end of June was a memorial service for the departed from the life of our oldest teacher Nicholas Fadeechev. A memorial service was held in the atrium of the Administrative building, but the theater itself is never allowed. Oran told me that while one start is not ordered. Our passes did not work, turned off specifically this system that no one in the theater was not torn. Maybe now there are some special permission of the Directorate. I heard that like after 10 July this issue can be resolved, and in the halls will begin to put to work. But I don’t know what form it will be pre��it. I and my students were connected, but the lessons did not lead. At the Bolshoi theatre classes online gave during the quarantine two teachers. And on 27 July we are already in the full squad should be back from vacation and all of August to get in shape. So it used to be. If, for example, on 26 September we were at the Bolshoi theatre the first ballet performance (usually “Swan lake”), we came for 2-3 weeks before, to move, to exercise, to prepare for the opening of the season. And now we quietly, slowly going to do, because until mid-September performances at the Bolshoi theatre is not planned.

– You work hard abroad to give classes in various theatres. Some carry out have?

Invitations are, but we have visa application centers are closed. Departure from Russia yet. I Ballet of Monte Carlo in July sent the invitation. They already work, but nothing impossible to do. Covent garden in December he also sent the invitation. Wrote that by this time their situation is, perhaps, normalized, and that “I hope to see you with us.”