the Ministry of health explained: the plague today – is an absolutely curable disease. More in detail about it told the head of the Department of infectious diseases rnsmu. Pirogov Ministry of health of Russia, Professor Vladimir Nikiforov.

What are the ways of infection, the bubonic plague?

Vladimir Nikiforov: generally, the mechanism of infection is the bite of plague fleas. The second option is the possibility of butchering the carcass of the slain rodent, a patient with plague, get infected through damaged skin: in contact with the wound or abrasion on the hand of the blood of a sick animal, containing the causative agent of plague. When cooked (cooking meat, frying), the pathogen dies. From person to person plague in its bubonic form is transmitted.

How to treat bubonic plague?

Vladimir Nikiforov: It is treated with antibiotics, and all the complex pathogenetic therapy. Today, plague is completely curable disease, unless the lost time and the patient did not develop toxic-infectious shock. But it happens at late begun treatment.

how to protect yourself from contamination?

Vladimir Nikiforov: There’s anti-plague vaccine, but the main thing is to avoid contact with sick animals. In a particular case is not to hunt marmots in the plague-endemic areas. Specifically, we have in Russia is Altai Krai and TRANS-Baikal.

do I Need any additional protection in the Russian regions near the border with Mongolia, where an outbreak?

Vladimir Nikiforov: it’s already done. Two unrelated cases with three sick – it is not flash! For Mongolia it is a common phenomenon, they have a plague in this region and always will be, every year a few cases of plague, we are perfectly aware of this. All anti-epidemic measures in the border area has been declared a ban on hunting marmots, the local population is vaccinated.