specialists of the laboratory of archaeological research and examinations OmSU during excavations on the territory of the monument of the late Paleolithic Chernoozere II, have unearthed artifacts Dating back to 10.5 thousand years BC As told in the press service of the University, the main finding was the tip of the arrow, once shot into the goal.

the Archaeological monument is located in Sargatka district of the Omsk region, experts working with him for three seasons. In the next expedition and were found unique finds. In particular, in the hands of the archaeologists was a few stone flakes – “blanks” for the production of primitive weapons, and the massive bones of animals.

Scientists suggest that the bones belonged to the horse of the Pleistocene that caused them to doubt the gastronomic tastes of the inhabitants of the Parking lot. Previously it was thought that there was going to bison hunters. Such findings may affect scientists ‘ ideas about the process of settlement of this part of Siberia and the lifestyle of ancient hunters.

In particular, archaeologists hope to be able to say surely use the primitive “Siberians” advanced weapons – bow and arrow, typical of later eras. That the technology of the manufacture and use of bows has been known to hunters, yet indirectly States found an arrowhead, damaged in a collision with something hard. Perhaps this obstacle was the purpose of the lucky arrow.