Musician and composer Yuri Loza stated that the verdict Director Kirill Serebrennikov, the accused in the theft of 129 million roubles, it is another illustration of how the judicial system works in Russia.

Serebrennikov June 26, was found guilty in the case, “the Seventh Studio” and sentenced to a fine of 800 thousand rubles and three years of probation.

According to Vines, the solution of criminal cases related to theft, should not depend on who is involved. He compared the case of the Creator of the “Seventh Studio” with the scandal that occurred around the former head of Department of property relations of the defense Ministry Evgenia Vasilyeva, convicted on charges of embezzlement in “Oboronservis.”

Vasilyev was seen in the billions of dollars of theft, but did not sit in jail a single day. So the system works. Or rather, not working. Here it is, the duality of the system: on the one hand the guilty, on the other hand, was not punished. As they say, need to steal so much to the part to pay for freedom — said Vine in an interview with OSN.

The name Evgenia Vasilyeva became widely known after it became the figurant of the criminal case initiated in connection with financial crimes in the Ministry of defence. In 2012, Anatoly Serdyukov was dismissed from the post of Minister, and Vasilyev tried.

The consequence considers as the organizer of this fraudulent government scheme under the guise of the project “Platform” in 2011-2014. The Director was detained in 2017. He spent a year and a half under house arrest until 2019 petty-bourgeois court did not let him and other defendants in the case under recognizance not to leave.

Wrote the first examination conducted during the investigation revealed the theft of 133 million rubles from the state, but the second court-appointed in 2019, pointed out the groundlessness of the accusations. The third ended in 2020 and estimated the damage to the state 128 million rubles — the defense has pointed to the arbitrariness and invalidity of the conclusions.