Ksenia Sobchak has threatened the chief editor of newspaper Wonderzine Yulia Taratuta words of the song Dmitry Malikov.

In the editorial said that the reason for the conflict was a column by Yulia Taratuta in Wonderzine “”can’t wait”: What’s wrong with jokes Ksenia Sobchak” criticizing Sobchak reaction to the protests in the United States. After the publication of the column Sobchak called Taratuta and stated that the article she didn’t like.

“the Conversation was peaceful, and the presenter even tried to argue about racism, this time verbally”, – reads the statement of the publisher.

the Audi stops cooperation with Sobchak for her statements about the protests in USA

Recently company Audi has terminated the cooperation with Ksenia Sobchak, and the German edition of Business Insider has called the statements of the presenter about the protests in the United States a racist. Shortly thereafter Sobchak has accused the Taratuta what is written it column had been registered.

“To clarify, this is a joke or rudeness, Sobchak was sent the following reply: “you’ll know Soon enough. I just like it *** will not leave. This abomination I did not expect from you. All will return, as the song says Dmitry Malikov!) and it’s not a threat — it’s just a song, if that,” – said in the editorial.

In Wonderzine stressed that he regarded the message Sobchak “as a threat” and said that they think that the language of threats is unacceptable.

As reported by “Rambler”, during protests that swept the US after the death of the African-American George Floyd, Ksenia Sobchak on several occasions commented on what is happening in social networks. So she illustrated the protests live with a black square and the song “Kill the nigger” and expressed bewilderment in connection with the murder of a black man that planted the culprit, ended with looting expensive stores.