June 27 – the Day of youth in Russia, women’s Day, a Day of fishing, as well as the day of the uprising on the battleship Potemkin and born German gunmaker Paul Mauser, Soviet actor Boris Khmelnitsky and Hollywood actor Tobey Maguire.

Youth day is celebrated in Russia since 1993, after the President of Russia Boris Yeltsin has signed the corresponding decree. The occasion was a continuation of the tradition to celebrate on the last Sunday of June the “Day of Soviet youth.” On this day, with the support of the authorities organize cultural, sports, recreational and educational activities. It is noteworthy that the international youth Day celebrated on 12 August.

Inventor’s day is celebrated since the late 50-ies of the last century on the recommendation of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Originally, the holiday fell on every last Saturday of June, and was then officially assigned to 27 June. Earlier in the day of inventors and innovators were awarded prizes for special achievements. In modern Russia, on 27 June, the Russian Academy of Sciences is the list of candidates for the title of “Honored inventor of the Russian Federation”.

International fisheries day will be celebrated for the 35th time. The holiday was established in 1985 by decision of the International conference on regulation and development of fisheries in Rome. 27 Jun fishing participate in competitions, attend educational seminars.

June 27, 1905 there was the first uprising on the battleship “Prince Potemkin Tavrichesky”. The reason for the rebellion of the sailors was the attempt command will feed them rotten maggoty meat. The uprising was planned to suppress the black sea with war ships, the crews of which, however, refused to fire on compatriots. As a result, the Armadillo was gone to the shores of Romania and there surrendered to local authorities.

Jun 27, born the king Louis XII of France (1498), the German gunmaker Paul Mauser (1838), Soviet aircraft designer Vladimir Petlyakov (1891), Soviet actor Boris Khmelnitsky (1940) and Hollywood star Tobey McGuire (1975).