Medical workers in Moscow region provides a number of presidential, Federal and regional payments in connection with the situation with coronavirus, for their computation it is planned to launch the online calculator, the press service of the regional government.

Regional payments are the doctors, running from February 14 with patients who have confirmed COVID-19, pneumonia, SARS, and patients with suspected COVID-19, who are quarantined at home, authorities say.

The calculation is made for each shift during which at least one patient with COVID-19, pneumonia, or SARS, was given medical assistance: doctors – 50 thousand roubles, average medical staff – 30 thousand rubles, Junior medical staff – 10 thousand rubles, the drivers 15 thousand rubles, other personnel of medical institutions – (administrators, cleaners) – 10 thousand roubles, have told in a press-service.

In addition to regional payments to medical workers are awarded Federal payments for providing care to patients with coronavirus. The calculation is made for the exhaust change. The payment is charged from January 30 as a percentage of the average monthly income from work for 9 months in 2019 from 47 to 106 roubles.

"How is the Federal payment? For ambulance workers and clinics: doctors (80%) – 37,7 thousand roubles, average medical staff (40%) – 18,8 thousand roubles, the nurse at the reception calls (20%) – 9.4 thousand rubles. For workers in hospitals: doctors (100%) – 47,1 thousand roubles, average medical staff (50%) – 23.5 thousand rubles, Junior medical staff (30%) – 14.1 thousand" – indicate the power.

In addition to the Federal and regional allowances for physicians working with mers since April 1 established the presidential payment. It will be calculated on the basis of the fact of working with such patients without reference to time. For doctors hospitals the payout is 80 thousand rubles, average medical staff – 50 thousand roubles, and for nurses – 25 thousand rubles for emergency physicians – 50 thousand rubles for nurses and ambulance drivers – 25 thousand rubles, said the press service.

"All allocated funds are brought to medical institutions. In case of issues need to contact your doctor. Also there is a hot line – 8 (495) 990-77-77 or 8 (800) 550-50-30. In addition, in the Moscow region plan to launch an online calculator to calculate payments to health workers", – said the regional authorities.

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