In the Soviet era and in the Park "Ostankino" began nesting birds listed in the Red book of Moscow, the press service of the Exhibition.

"the Temporary absence of people in the green areas of the Exhibition creates ideal conditions for their habitat, noted ornithologist ENEA, representative of Association of bird lovers Vladimir Goryachev. Only the ENEA in the warm season there are more than 70 species of birds, excluding waterfowl".

So, in the ENEA appeared Hobbies, which according to the red book of the capitals have the second category as a small species with reduced population. According to ornithologists all over the city there are no more than 15 pairs of these birds of prey of the Falcon family. For nesting they prefer light forests in combination with open spaces. Therefore, the varied landscape of the Park "Ostankino" good for them.

Active nests in the natural area ENEA is another representative of the genus Falcon — a Kestrel. In the period of incubation they sometimes form colonies of several pairs. Are located close to each other, but protecting the area directly in front of his nest.

Another rare for Moscow, view — forest bird of the order of Dyatlov zhelna or black woodpecker hatching in the Exhibition area. This is the largest woodpecker in Russia: its body length reaches 50 cm and a weight of 500 grams. The black plumage and a red cap to distinguish them from other birds of this group.

Only on the territory VDNH, Park, "Ostankino" and the nearby Botanical gardens are home to six species of woodpeckers (lesser spotted, middle, motley, great spotted, white-backed, zhelna and gray), two species of hawks (Goshawk and Sparrowhawk) and at least four species of owls: the gray owl, the Ural owl, long-tailed, long-eared owls, and passerines secici the smallest birds family owls.