to Call Galina Ivanovna and Nikolai Yegorovich not so easy. The phone has been busy all day the couple receive congratulations from many friends.

– Calling from Vladivostok to new York – does not hide pride says Nikolay Egorovich. – Still, how many people can boast to live together for 75 years and never quarrel! But we still have a front and a shared past together saved Leningrad from fascist invaders, held together throughout the war.

Nicholas Kisenkov born near Penza. When the war started, he is the last student immediately went to the front. Passed the hot spots, got a baptism of fire in the thick of the battle of Stalingrad. In Leningrad was already the commander of anti-aircraft batteries that were covering the ships of the Baltic fleet. There he met his love for life is a fragile lovely Galina.

Galina met will include a medical student. Oddly enough, a call to the front saved her life. She was exhausted to degeneration, when the summons. The girl was sent to hospital, where was treated and fed, and then taught military science. So Galina was an anti-aircraft gunner – working on the device for the control of antiaircraft artillery fire under the command of Nicholas.

When Leningrad was liberated, the battery Nikolay and Galina took part in the legendary salute of 27 January 1944.

– Galey Then we were fighting the whole country. Liberated the Baltic States, Koenigsberg, came to Germany. And the day when the war ended, married. We then stood in the Polish Swinemunde. The commander witnessed our marriage, and then was a real feast, with dinner table, greetings from sailors and officers. The official documents drawn up only six months later in Leningrad, but the date in the marriage certificate is the same – may 9, 1945, recalls Nikolay Egorovich. – Lived a life in perfect harmony. Raised a daughter, and waited for a granddaughter, she is now studying on the physician. By the way, we Galina 70 awards for two: 50 – I, 20 – got it!

– I haven’t met people better than my parents. They are sincere, kind, sympathetic, from those who live not for themselves but for the other, says their daughter Svetlana. – Every day I think about what is happiness: mother 96, 97 Pope, and both of them are in a clear mind and legs! And, of course, they still love each other. How else to live together for 75 years? Following the family tradition, my husband and I got married on may 8, the day before parent’s marriage. And yesterday celebrated 50 years of marriage. We Kisenkov, monogamous – it’s in our blood.

Galina and Nikolay Kisenkov – 6594 some of the combatants living in Saint-Petersburg. All of them these days in the framework of “You dear!” receive from the hands of volunteers holiday gifts: food baskets with delicacies, greeting cards, St. George ribbon, the bouquet of red carnations.

Photographer “Russian gesety” Sergey Nikolaev also participated in the presentation of gifts. He went to the addresses of soldiers along with a biker Nazar from “Night wolves”. He made the pictures are very touching: brutal broad-shouldered man in a leather jacket gives flowers a tiny old woman, almost half of it.

– From the morning to the warehouse on Zaozernaya street was a line of cars at the entrance at all tested temperatures and were given protective masks. Volunteers raskladyvanii by package gifts and flowers, was dressed entirely in protective suits, – says Sergey. Nazar from delivers food parcels for three weeks, so the process is familiar. For the cause he replaced the usual motorcycle on the car – in the cabin will fit more gift sets. In the cabin playing the Blues, and the seat next to the driver valeter Nina calls veterans, warning of our visit. For older people it is important to have time to prepare for guests, even if they do not cross the threshold. Some treat the volunteers very seriously: they put the order, recite poems and even sing songs… our list of fifteen people. But to give gifts personally managed eight. Some veterans can no longer stand up, and gifts for them are relatives, others are in the hospital or in the country, to someone simply has not been able to get through or get through. But those who found the house on her feet, smiled happily, thanked the volunteers, they really were very pleased with the attention. Nazar and Nina responded by saying thank you for the peaceful sky and wished good health.

Volunteers enough for their age in grandchildren, it is recognized that even very short conversation with the soldiers, overwhelmed with emotions from sympathy and sadness to admiration and immense pride. Tonight’s chat is particularly bright – volunteers understand that touched history.

“Vladimir Danilovich with Suburban Avenue, died today, may 9 in the morning. Met us in tears wife of 65 years together… Gave her two sets – will be useful to remember…”

“One grandmother flatly refused to take the gift. The door was opened, the package looked, and did not take, saying that she do not need someone else, give to the poor or eat themselves. But the rest is a sea of positive emotions, smiles and a few tears. How great that after so many years after the war, they are still alive, joking and telling funny stories. Today, one of the veterans told me how, being in the Crimea, she tore off part of the upholstery of the sofa and sew a fashionable skirt with silk panels and local roses and lavender they wore”.

“And our grandmother this child was. And the songs we sang, and talked about the war, she at the age of thirteen he received his first medal for defense of Leningrad and the day of her birth on June 22, she is now 90 years old. So chipper!”

“At Valentina Nikiforovna today double ��razdnik, the girl is celebrating 93 years!”

“98 years! She met us at the door! Positive sea!”

“we Have today was grandpa who are 102 years. Went out to celebrate!”

“I love this holiday like no other. And how lucky I am to personally congratulate our dear veterans! Emotions are awesome! Today arrive at the address, and there is a concert in honor of veterans of the great Patriotic war, retired Colonel, doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor, member of the Union of writers of Russia – Russia’s Slepov Vladimir Yakovlevich!”

“How glad I am that participated in this! Yes, there are flaws, but overall a great job done. Where else can veterans will see and listen to. Every person is a story”.