In St. Petersburg still held the salute. For the first time in the history of fireworks was held in Moscow Victory Park, the press service of the city administration.

fireworks in Victory Park was held simultaneously with artillery fire, the walls of the fortress. As reports TASS with reference to the press service ZVO, the first shot of the salute of 30 volleys produced a war veteran and defence of Leningrad, Boris Petrov. Later, the artillery joined in the fireworks from the Park.

the venue of fireworks, the city government announced in half an hour. The location was kept secret until the last with one goal: to avoid congestion of people. However, the fireworks from their Windows could see thousands of people in Moscow and Frunzensky districts of St. Petersburg.

I watched TV, began airing gun volleys from the Peter and Paul fortress, when suddenly heard a noise. I looked out the window, and there is so much beauty, – says Anastasiya Simonova, a resident of high-rise buildings along the street. – I’m retired, when in St. Petersburg there are the holidays, I never go to the centre, it is more young I wonder how I’ll be in the night to go home. But here’s a holiday and right next to the house! It is right that to salute chose this place.

the Moscow Victory Park – a place for St. Petersburg landmark. Before the war there was a brick pumice plant. During the siege, he was turned into a crematorium. After the war this place was organized by the Park.

a couple miles away and held the front line. Still in the courts of the Moscow district remained bunkers, evidences of the heroic defense of Leningrad. Today, on may 9, here came the salute in honor of those who 75 years ago at the cost of enormous losses and efforts was able to win.