the Couple, who became famous in the whole of Moscow, having sexual pleasures in the gathering of people in a hangout place of young people, known as “the Pit”, punished with arrest for 10 days 23-year-old lover and for 3 days his 19-year-old partner. “MK” has found out, the psychotherapist Alexey Lysenko, who specializiruetsya on the psychological causes of sexual deviations, which could push the pair to such a bold move, in addition to alcohol.

As it turned out, the guy already had a suspended sentence for illegal acquisition and storage of 1.32 g methylephedrine (prohibited substances), so they gave him more than the girl. At the end of 2020 it expires the trial period in four years.

Recall that being a decent drunk, a couple were naked and made a sex show in the famous “Pit” in the center of Moscow to the delight of the surrounding young people, among which there were many and minor, in the night from 13 to 14 June. It is not surprising that a lot of people withdrew all the action on video and then posted on the web. June 16 young people were detained and made them protocols on small hooliganism.

“MK” asked for explanation of this act to the psychotherapist Alexey Lysenko, the expert in the field of sex deviations:

the Motives may be quite different. First, from the point of view of sexual motives, there are things (they can be conscious or partially unconscious) – some people cause much delight and excitement when someone is watching them. There are fans to see and there are those who like to spy them. This is one of the options, which might lead to such behavior. Second, of course, if the person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it is no secret that it is liberating. There are people who have after a certain dose all moral settings off, and come out instincts, lust and everything else. And in this case, the Hole was complete emancipation.

– Many people drink, but few sex with the people involved…

Reaction to alcohol at all is completely different. Someone enough to drink two hundred grams, and it should be locked in a cage, that was not consequences for others. And someone is drinking a huge amount, but remains sensible and observant of propriety. And the couple apparently, this biochemistry of the brain, which under the influence of alcohol erased all the facets of what is possible and what is not. These things happen in people with borderline psyche or those who have it is far from normal. There are mental disorders in which people completely absent the constraint, they can with a stranger to speak on intimate topics, etc.

Another trend of our time to hype, fame, to talking about you. This motif is also could be significant.

Another pcause – perhaps they are involved in some kind of subculture. It is necessary to consider in which field the information lives these young people. There are various closed parties, community where you can have sex with an unknown partner or with a range of partners, and these videos go over networks. And if someone lives a long time with such things, they start to think that this is the norm.

But still, the conclusion that it was an act of self-assertion, they flaunt it: “You are all enslaved slaves and we are free and we are all on the drum.”

Generally, such cases are not isolated, we know from TV reports that which has already happened, in a disco or some party. These people all immediately began to condemn. But the number of subscribers they have grown, they began to offer advertising. That is, it is still the option to make money online.

Reasons why they did it, a lot, all together played a role.

In former times, when the Soviet Union, young people had nowhere to have sex. And when there is such a place in someone’s house or in the country, the young people got drunk, liberating, and often had orgies, just because the more such opportunities could not be provided. In fact, the experience of such group-sex-fun – not such a rare thing. This sin many modern youth “stay”. The older generation is difficult to understand how has changed the manners of youth, when they begin to live a sexual life already in 14-15 years. Nevertheless, public sexual intercourse in a public place is a cynical and outrageous violation of all norms of public decency.

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