Beijing received information that identified in the local market a strain of coronavirus is more contagious compared to first Chinese and European options. Besides, already there was speculation that the virus was brought to Beijing from Europe. As told “MK” Professor, head of Department of infectious diseases sbei HPE First Moscow state medical University. I. M. Setchenov Elena VOLCHKOVA, a likely source of infection was not fish, but people who work in the market.

— is somewhat puzzling discovery of the virus that is on the cutting Board. Today we know that the virus is relatively short persists on surfaces, in this case, it turns out, is refuted.

Chinese virologists also said that Beijing new virus more contagious, it is contagious.

— Contagious — this, fortunately, does not mean that necessarily cause more severe cases of the disease. As you move the pandemic the virulence of the virus, i.e. its ability to cause severe forms of the disease, is somewhat reduced. Perhaps the contagiousness really increased, but in parallel the aggressiveness of the virus decreased. From China no reports about the huge number of resuscitation patients. But the fact that the virus seems to have really changed, and acquires new properties, the outbreak is confirmed indirectly.

what can make such a conclusion?

— just that there are no reported severe cases of the disease. As it was in the beginning: when he went, it was immediately a lot of heavy and lethal outcomes, and not here. Although we may receive defective information.

— do you think that Donald trump rightly calls for investigation of circumstances of occurrence of a pandemic in China?

— Diversion of the population from the bigger problems for the ruling is always useful. So that the requirement of this investigation can be just a distraction. But in principle, this problem must be explored: where does the virus spread. We must understand this in the future, if there is a new virus. But it concerns the whole world.

— Modified the virus in Russia?

— While such information we do not have.

— whether a second massive wave in China?

— to Completely rule that out. Especially if we assume that the virus is changing, and therefore, to him a sufficient immune stratum may not be.

— Really need the immunity to different strains of coronavirus? And those who have had one, can get sick some more?

— If we talk about the flu, we know that the immune response is statusbarisvisible nature and to each strain of the desired immunity. As for coronaviruses, it is now very��on issues. There is speculation that antibodies after seasonal coronavirus has a role to play in creating immunity to the new SarsCov2, but so far no accurate data, all needs research. We don’t even know how many during the season hurts coronavirus, hypothetically their 10-15%. And this question, of course, opened.

— I read one doctor from Kiev, they have already isolated cases of reinfection of patients after three months. Their diseases are heavier and lead to sepsis in connection with antibiotic resistance, which is strongly produced during the first hospitalization. If there is a similar case?

— Confirmed cases of re-infection in the world yet. In the cases you are talking about, it may go on protracted forms of the disease. Or even about different diseases. With regard to sepsis, this indicates that there have been profound disorders of the immune system and the disease can receive long-term complications, including a breakdown of the immune system after the disease. But laboratory evidence on repeated occasions COVID-19 one person neither we, nor abroad there.