the Probability that it is not in contact with anyone on the street people infected with coronavirus is missing. This was stated by the expert of the Center for molecular diagnostics TSNII of epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor Mikhail Lebedev, noting that the virus is airborne, with the greatest risk of Contracting it droplets.

According to him, the virus lives only in the body and once in the environment, it breaks and loses its infectivity. Even if the person sneezed, and a cloud of droplets hung in the air, it is posted at various distances, and the concentration of the virus drops sharply already in the next minute, RIA Novosti reported.

If a healthy person will pass through such a cloud, then it is most likely not sick, because the amount of virus in the air will be sufficient for infection. Upon contact with such poorly concentrated virus in order to avoid illness will be enough tissue immunity on the mucous membrane when inhaling, said Lebedev.

Previously, medical epidemiologist Nadezhda Matveeva told how to use the mask. Before going out, first you need to wear a mask, and then gloves. On the street it is important not to touch the mask. Arriving home, remedies need to be removed in reverse order and don’t forget to wash your hands.