– Each patient encounter now, as a dear guest – laughing chief physician Victoria Vladimirovna Dvornichenko. – See how happy is everyone? Nice people attention.

In fact, the doctor on duty in a few minutes time to do a great analytical work by examining survey data, results of analyses and the findings of several specialists, to make a decision about the need for consultation or additional diagnostics in the Regional Oncology center. A quarter of an hour he coped with five visitors: four started inside, and Galina Ershov has strongly deployed. But the pensioner is, surprisingly, not offended.

– Yes spot some on my hands! – she explained. – And did fail, than just not smeared already. Decided to check the cancer? Passed the tests in a private clinic came. And then out of some stuff. But the doctor is good, all looked carefully: no, he said, grandma, you have no cancer, and the biochemistry of your hang on his chest, as the order, and be proud – not everyone has such good performance. If worried is the direction you need from the clinic.

– There are self-diagnosed, explains Konstantin Pesterev, on-call oncologist. – They, of course, sent home. But most go with referrals from specialists in the field.

on the day this post comes up to 100 people, doctor on duty in the vestibule four hours. So about 50 people on duty, the doctor must pass through itself: not only to see the chubby folder with bills, but also to listen to everyone cheer in word and smile and make sure to put on Shoe covers, treated hands and pulled the mask on his nose.

– Try to be a person – jokes Constantine.

In this joke much truth – the doctor looks really scary: face – plastic visor, for hands – gloves, shoulders, protective, disposable gown over white. But no: it needs to be protected to completely eliminate the risk of transmission COVID-19.

– We have not stopped working for one day. Just organized the process in such a way to avoid crowds at admission to treatment or advice, emphasizes Viktoriya Vladimirovna. – Now at us in Irkutsk with General Fund 525 beds and employs about 500. Operations, chemotherapy treatments, radiation therapy. As we had to limits of 300 operations per week, and remained.

the Process is organized very clearly. Those who have the operation have already been nominated, personally calling the head of the Department: asks, instructs, if necessary, records on missing research in the clinic, and then coordinates the date and hour of arrival in hospital.

– Our patients are very vulnerable, says doctor. – They are at risk, the immune system in cancer patients is always reduced. But in some cases, cancer wait n�� can. Therefore, work with each individually. Coronavirus we can say, opened his eyes – now the only way we work.

For this, according to Victoria Dvornichenko, Regional Oncology center had to rebuild the work with the city and regional hospitals.

– if you send the patient to the regional hospital, be kind enough to examine it fully, so far as the material-technical base. The majority of medical institutions, all the possibilities are there. If no – send to us. But these hospitals in the region are units. In some cases, can connect and telemedicine. Our specialists will always help if you have any doubts. What’s next? We decide: an emergency or business suffer? If urgent, make a decision about hospitalization. But where you can wait, wait. Lung cancer, for example, can develop within 25 years. And that’s two or three months will change?

these measures have helped to streamline the flow of patients.

– on high alert gave the team the opportunity to efficiently and, most importantly, safely to rebuild the routing of patients, – the head physician. And we have every reason, and most importantly, desire, to apply this scheme in the future, after the lifting of restrictions.

Judging by the reviews of patients, it is really comfortable.

– I Have a confirmed diagnosis, breast cancer, first stage, – said quietly Irkutsk woman Tatyana. – Suspected something was wrong about six months ago, but all it once. Fortunately, in March there was a check-up – the gynecologist has directed to mammography, where we saw a tumor. In two weeks managed to pass all the tests – thanks to doctors at the cancer center, have done a lot here. An operation planned for April. And there is the self-isolation and all of that. I just covered – it seemed to me, time is running out, the tumor is growing… And a week ago I called the Department chair: you are scheduled for surgery. I first didn’t believe: how? And, you know, at once has calmed down, it was gone.

Patients arriving for hospitalization, fall into the building through a separate entrance – it is extremely important to minimize all contacts to eliminate the risk of infection with coronaviruses. And it turns out that the patient is in the emergency room alone. The doctor performs the now familiar “epidemiological” ritual, prepares documents and Ludmila goes to the house.

– All is well – admonishes her main doctor. – Detected cancer can be successfully treated. In ten days we will write.

just In case in the emergency room-equipped isolation room.

– Hope that will not be necessary, says on duty at the reception, the surgeon Roman Bryzgalov. But if we suspect the patient COVID-19, then he stays here. The action plan for this case we have: call an ambulance and send the patient to the hospital.

with regard to palliative patients nor�� on the house if necessary, go special teams.

an Ambulance not pull – says Viktoriya Dvornichenko. – They and without it the stress. Work with clinics – many have cars, use their own transport. Our task is not leaving anyone without attention. Try to get our patients in this difficult time, feel our care for them is especially important.

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