French media reported the birth of a gear in one of the maternity hospitals of Strasbourg. Each of the babies weighs 600-700 grams. However, as explained in conversation with the correspondent “MK” doctor-gynecologist in the modern world six babies is nonsense, even for “test-tube babies”, while with this pregnancy significantly increases the risk of having children with abnormalities of development, and the load on the mother’s body is too large.

As reported by the French media, chestermarke – or, scientifically, sextolet – was born on Monday, may 18, in Strasbourg. Weight babies from 630 to 730 grams, which is explained by duration of pregnancy: caesarean section conducted at the 24th week. Children forwarded to the Department of resuscitation and intensive therapy in a few weeks for them to be seen by a doctor.

Six embryos in one pregnancy is possible only in case of IVF. However, as explained in conversation with the correspondent “MK” obstetrician-gynecologist and who expert Lyubov Yerofeyeva, the fact of maintaining and carrying such a pregnancy goes against the accepted medical criteria – in the last few years, the specialists of in vitro fertilization has decided to plant a maximum of 2-3 fertilized egg.

– This was done because of the high risk of babies with low birth weight, non-viable, with the risk of development of pathologies, the most common of which is cerebral palsy. In addition, carrying six of the fruit is too great a burden for the body of the mother and delivery at 24 weeks, as it happened in France, too early. Recall that the minimum mass, in which is recorded the birth of a living child is 500 grams, and infants from French families, according to the news, weighed from 630 to 730 grams. Consequently, they are far removed from the threshold of survival, the doctor explained.

in addition, according to the gynaecologist, the deliveries in the 24th week of pregnancy – it’s only for two weeks later than the latest allowable time of an abortion. Also up to 22 weeks it is possible to conduct reduction – a procedure in which during a multiple pregnancy removed those embryos deemed not viable.

We conduct a reduction not only in pregnancies achieved after IVF, but when natural – for example, if one or more embryos in a multiple pregnancy has ceased to develop, not gaining weight or if there are obvious defects in their development. If we see that one of the embryos have completed their development, we can say that it just takes place in the uterus. Such a fetus may be mummified, may begin the infection is the risk for both mother and for a healthy viable fetus. Therefore, the operation of reduction, at least for her and hard to decide, absolutely moral and ethical. Povtoryu, and remove only those embryos that are not viable – said Yerofeyev. In my opinion, the most likely reason why doctors from France could take this step is if the couple is very religious, and they were asked to plant all oocytes that were able to fertilize. It happens. However, I still think that this pregnancy is contrary to medical criteria.

Recall that the last time six infants simultaneously born in may 2019 in Krakow. Their mother’s cesarean section was done in the 29th week of pregnancy. Those children weighed slightly less than a kilogram.