September 25 will mark 100 years since the bottom of the birth of the Soviet actor and film Director Sergei Bondarchuk, whose films “the Destiny of man”, “They fought for the Motherland”, “Red bells” is still watched all over the world. His “War and peace” was awarded the “Oscar” in 1969. Fyodor Bondarchuk for the anniversary of his father is preparing a major documentary project, as he told his colleagues during an online conference on the promotion of national cinema abroad.

Over the picture that he is producing work journalist Denis Kataev and his colleague Anton Zhelnov, behind which the screenwriting and directorial experience in such films as “the Poor people. Kabakov”, “Brodsky is not a poet”, “Sorokin trip”.

as Serhiy Bondarchuk, he worked not only on Soviet paintings, but participated in international projects. “Waterloo” was filmed jointly with the Italian producers. And suffering “and Quiet flows the don”, jointly produced by Britain, Italy and Russia with the international acting team, was completed only after his death, his son Fyodor Bondarchuk was accompanied by a protracted and controversial history with foreign producers. And as an actor Sergey Fedorovich was shot outside the USSR, in particular in the film “In Rome was a night of” classics of Italian cinema Roberto Rossellini, which was a rarity at the time. This explains the large swing in international project by Fyodor Bondarchuk. Here is what he said about his painting.

We are working on a documentary about my father, Sergei Bondarchuk, which this year celebrates 100 years. This film does a terrific team headed by Anton Ganovim and Denis Kataev. They managed to make the most of the interview to closure. We care for our international partners and colleagues who worked with Sergey Bondarchuk, the people that his films had a strong influence. Around seventy percent of our speakers were foreigners. They are representatives of Amazon, recently pereverseva “War and peace”. They did the remaster of the painting – an amazing piece of work. In our film will involve actors, Directors and authors who created the British series “War and peace” by 2016. We met with the family of producer Dino De Laurentis (he died in 2010), who produced the film my father’s “Waterloo” and also with the actor and Oscar winner Christopher Plummer, who played the role of Wellington. We interviewed the family of Stanley Kubrick. This is a very important project for me, which caused great interest, including at international festivals. But unfortunately, because of the pandemic, the situation developed in such a way that part of them was forced to postpone the date indefinitely.