From mid-April – beginning of may in St. Petersburg is usually the high season influx of tourists from Russia and abroad. On the summer terraces in the city centre and ceremoniously drink beer and wine, the Europeans have Isaac snapping away with their cameras, the guests from China. This year because of the pandemic season is not started at the usual time, but white night has not been canceled. “MK” tried to find out from companies and private owners who rent their apartments daily, what they expect from the coming season.

the market is idle, became clear. I find on “Avito” apartments that rent in the city center – near “Vladimirskaya” and “Dostoevskaya”. Only one description meet “We carry out thorough disinfection and ventilation after occupancy. Keep your distance, wear masks, provide contactless transmission of keys.” Basically everywhere old dependenices description: ten minutes from Nevsky, family vacation in St Petersburg of Dostoevsky. The numbers listed in the contacts ad, don’t answer, the strange thing is that suddenly I want to rent an apartment?

Finally, another number meets girl. Ask her about the disinfection of apartments.

– Disinfection, of course, conduct, as we have always. But I personally with the guests do not talk, these operators in place are doing. I do the booking.

– Well, and the age of the guests you are checking when booking? Because self-isolation is a must for those over 65.

– No, I don’t check age, this happens upon the arrival.

so, at least to book a pensioner can, if you suddenly decide to look at Petersburg in the period of the pandemic. Contact with Eugene, who rents a two-bedroom apartment on Vladimirskaya.

Many hotels in this season intend to conduct intensified disinfection and even demand from guests reference. You something similar organized?

– carry out Disinfection of course, Yes. Gloves and masks, antiseptics are there in the flats

this is now a free bonus. But no reference we do not require. Still, happens, work, people come in with masks and gloves, keep your distance. Some certificates are not required.

In all other regions, when people arrive from Moscow, they must sit out for two weeks in quarantine. We have there is no such requirement?

– but how? For example, people come from Moscow for a couple of days to see the city – even in such a difficult moment. What do I cover them in this apartment for a week and say “pay money”? Not very logical there, of course. People came, removed means removed. Now, in principle, calls not so much, and I think the upcoming season will be a little applications. Probably only by the end of August – September will appear. And something will go our comrades. The boundaries perhaps until next year will not open. Our tourists, in principle, it��e love and know how to spend money. Not much flying, just season shifted a couple of months, I think.

what do you do with the retirees who are older than 65? For them, because self-isolation is required. You occupy people of this age?

– People of old age to me is not the call. Now generally mainly young people, not newcomers, and local – rent the apartment beneath the party, for example, to hang out. There are families coming from Moscow, but this is rare now. Demand a little. Not like last year – then at this time already all worked. Now the situation is deplorable.

Probably have to knock down the price tag? Now as far as rent is cheaper than in the regular season?

– thirty Percent – thirty-five. The price tag generally fell, now in the center to rent an apartment for the money – as in residential areas. And rent and long term. I know people who rent a Studio for a thousand rubles a day to fight off the lease and pay the owner to at least not strongly “minus” to go. In the best case, five thousand have to pay extra out of their money. Now all of the rent below the average market price.

More dramatic to say about this season Olga, the contact of which is specified under another notice about the rent.

– Can you briefly explain what features appeared in the work because of the pandemic? Maybe enhanced disinfection or guests need any help?

In accordance with applicable law.

– what exactly do you do? The standards are different in different regions.

– Now we do nothing, because the tourist season has not yet opened. Let’s it to start open, the CPS will give appropriate recommendations, we will inform about the norms that must be respected. And we are in compliance with them will work. At the moment there is no tourist season. The city is deserted, the city is empty, the regime of self-isolation, what kind of tourism are you talking about?

do I understand correctly that objects are empty, no tourists, but also of the recommendations of the CPS you have no yet?

– of Course. Empty.

Call for another room – there answer the phone immediately, and Ruslan – the landlord melancholy said that he had decided this season not to take the apartment at all. “Avito hanging my flat, I refused to surrender, just not going to renew the ad. There are more apartments to manage, they also will not pass. I think not in this year’s season.”

a quick search on aggregator and profile groups in social networks makes it clear that in St. Petersburg, first, became much cheaper to rent a house. Prices in the city centre is lower than in Pskov and Novgorod – that is, not capital. Secondly, there arrived from Moscow will not have to sit for two weeks in holding facilities��AI. There is certainly a nuance: the famous local bars and museums are closed. And it is unclear when it will open, but restaurants are available for delivery, and the white nights, the pandemic will not be canceled.