The Director of zulaikha opens his eyes reacted to the curse Khamatova

the Director of “zulaikha opens his eyes” Egor Anashkin responded to the curse of the actress Chulpan Khamatova, who plays in the TV series based on the novel Guzel agenoy the main role. It is reported URA.RU.

the Filmmaker said that many people liked the project and said that during the work there were held consultations with historians and Museum staff. “I was endlessly surprised by people who are better than anyone else know how it’s “wrong” that all shows are not as they seem”, he said.

Anashkin also recalled unhappy with the show to the audience that they lived in Stalin’s time. In his opinion, because of this they can not know where on the screen is true and what is fiction.

Previously, Khamatova told about the claims to the project “zulaikha opens his eyes”. “A little of what was expected curses from the radical part of the Tatar community, but I was surprised to find that, and added another claim on “the desecration of our history.” Not only the distortion of the Tatar way of life, and historical truth in General,” she shared.

the Action series “zulaikha opens her eyes” takes place in 1930. The main character, a Tatar peasant, the red guards killed her husband, and her exiled to Siberia. The series premiere took place on air of TV channel “Russia 1”, then the screening of the film demanded to ban the party “Communists of Russia”.