Slovak ex Premier offered to take the monument to Marshal Konev in Slovakia

the power of one of districts of the Czech capital (Prague 6) dismantled the monument to Marshal of the Soviet Union Ivan Stepanovich Konev. Former Slovak Prime Minister Jan Carnogursky, commenting on these events in the neighbouring Czech Republic, offered to take the monument to the Soviet commander in Slovakia.

Speaking at an online discussion club “Valdai”, dedicated to the ideological constructs of the Second world war in modern discourse, the expert club “Valdai”, the Prime Minister of Slovakia (1991-1992), member of the Board of Directors, pan European University, Bratislava Jan Carnogursky, in particular, said: “In General, everyone has the right to decide on the monuments at the site. But the problem is more complicated. Monuments, I mean the military monuments remind us about the victories of the past, and in the case of the victory in world war II over fascism on the victory over evil… Such historical monuments as directed in the past and the future.”

“let me Remind you that Marshal Konev was commander of the army who went through the Carpathian mountains in Eastern Slovakia, said Jan Carnogursky. – If the Czechs want to demolish the monument to Marshal Konev, we would like to transfer it to Slovakia. To use it as a monument, not just as a Museum piece”.

the Troops of the 1st Ukrainian front under the command of Konev in the autumn of 1944 came to help the Slovak uprising. Although during the operation managed to achieve serious success, after heavy and bloody fighting the Soviet troops and the 1st Czechoslovak army corps were forced to move to defense.