the Chinese government has made a sensational recognition: source COVID-19, as they insisted earlier, was not a wild animal market in Wuhan. This was announced by the head of the Centre for control and prevention of diseases of China Gao Fu.

the Theory, which is still firmly standing Chinese official – coronavirus went to a rave among the people, and with great probability it is transferred to them from wild animals that were traded on the Wuhan market. The same Gao Fu in January claimed: COVID-19 found there “live goods”.

now Gao Fu stated: the market in Wuhan was not an animal source of infection. This was confirmed by studies of the production, which sold in the market. “The market itself fell victim to the infection,” said the Chinese spokesman.

most Likely, Chinese officials pushed to the wall on the American line.

As you know, the market for wild animals in the epicenter of the epidemic closed the 1st of January. And by mid-April, thousands of shops on it have earned again. After that, the scientists from Harvard, mit and the University of British Columbia investigated four samples from the seafood market and found traces of coronavirus was 99.9% identical taken from a patient suffering from Wuhan. That is, it proves that the coronavirus has brought to market the infected visitors or sellers, and not animals. But where actually infected people is not clear.

the study involved biologists from the Chinese names, Alina Chan and Shing Jang, and their academic record will show: they are very closely associated with the United States. “Publicly available genetic data do not indicate interspecies transmission of the virus on the market” – say both.

the line was continued by Colin Carlson, a zoologist from Georgetown University. He suggested that the market worked superastronomical, that is the infected person who infected dozens of others. Here you have a link to the theory that COVID-19 was created artificially, and “flowed” from the Wuhan laboratory situated near the market – what U.S. authorities suspect Chinese.

by the Way, the citizen Shi Jinli that first suspiciously quickly isolated the new coronavirus in Wuhan laboratory for many years engaged in collecting samples from bats and “fitting” them of coronaviruses to human body, have done this jointly with the Americans and within the US-initiated programme, generously sponsored by bill gates. So the question “who is guilty?” with a large conspiracy is possible to rotate in the direction of America itself.

Now in its Wuhan Virology laboratory, the Chinese will not let anyone, confining words that COVID-19 is not so similar to the samples with which they worked prior to his appearance. However, it was missing from radar n�� a couple of months Shi Jinli, which many revered eliminated, the other day suddenly appeared in the Chinese television and reported on new experiments. A big geopolitical game continues.

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