How to pray after the pandemic, said the CPS. The health Department issued guidelines for release of the temples from coronaries. Ceremony of the sacrament of baptism and the worship service will now take place with an eye to the insidious virus.

In a “new normality” will have to exist as the Orthodox and Catholic churches and synagogues and mosques.

As follows from the document, will open its doors to the parishioners of religious institutions is not immediately. The CPS envisaged the exit of the restrictions in three stages.

In the first phase will open temples with a total area of 400 square meters. Restrictions on the number of parishioners is very strict – it is recommended to conduct services inside the temple in the presence of not more than one person in a 4 square meters. The second stage – opening of churches not more than 800 square meters, Only the third stage of the removal of restrictions overrides any limits for the number of believers in the walls of the monastery. But in any case, at each stage, the people trapped inside will be able to pray on the grounds of the Church. However, social distance still have to keep.

For older believers no good news yet – care doctors still decided to be careful and encouraged the Church hierarchy to limit access to services for persons over 65 years of age. The same advice for members with serious chronic diseases. To communicate with the priest will have in a medical mask. Moreover, even in the sacrament of confession the priest will be forced to add to the traditional garb personal protective equipment. Social distance in the temples of the standard – 1.5 meters. And on the floor in every Church will be markings. And at the entrance to the temple is recommended to set the bottle of sanitizer from a dispenser.

For the monasteries also provided their conditions. In the temples of the monastery of the congregation will be allowed. But the rest of the territory of the monastery of onlookers doing nothing, I decided the CPS.