the News of the untimely death of 24-year-old Instagram star Nicole Thea, who was eight months pregnant, shocked fans. According Daily Mail, the cause of death blogersha was a massive heart attack, though at heart she did not complain.

In recent years, Thea literally glowed with happiness. Together with her beloved blogger was waiting for the birth of the first child. Nicole willingly shared with fans details of her pregnancy, often published photos and videos in lingerie getting ready for childbearing women.

Blogger rarely complained about his health. She published on YouTube and Instagram videos of dances in style hip-hop, which gained millions of views and inspired the fans on choreography classes

more surprising was the news about the sudden death of Thea. According to the Daily Mail, Nicole died 11 July due to a massive heart attack. Blogger was eight months pregnant. Unborn son, who was named Rhine, also died.

None of the relatives could not even assume that the star has a heart problem. However, a week before the tragedy, Nicole complained of shortness of breath and pain in the back, but apparently wrote off the discomfort of pregnancy.

the Family of Nicole noted that the exact cause of death can be established only after autopsy. “Our hearts are truly broken and we are struggling to cope with the incident,” wrote the girl’s mother in Instagram.