Documentary filmmaker Elena Demidova, who directed the films “the Touch of the wind, From the parade to the “Oscar”, “Alex” in the days of the quarantine held in conjunction with the Театром.doc online workshop “How to make a movie of his own life.”

the participants a month and a half has made films that can be called IMovie. They are all distant from the movie, the people living in the British Saint Albans, Berlin, Moscow, Yaroslavl, Hamburg, Ganzhou, Vienna, and this is their first opus.

And here we must recall the experience of most Elena Demidova, went with the volunteers in 2010 in the Ryazan region to save victims from the fire village. Took my camera with me, and then there was the film “Alex”, the heroine of which became and Elena herself. She shot Alex, rescued the old women who prepared the soup otters, black grouse heard, and then ceases to get in touch. This experience, when the author unwittingly becomes the hero of his own paintings, was manifested in the works of the participants of the workshop. It is important that personal story would be of interest to someone else. And then begs the question: how to remove when no professional education and equipment.

Veronica Pete lives in the UK and heroes of her paintings “Tandem” began mother, son, partner, Peter. Shooting the movie, she discovered a new approach to reality. Mother and daughter communicates using modern means of communication for forty minutes. They’re talking about quarantine, Putin, whom the mother sees the TV, although it seems that’s not him. She’s watching the news without sound. 20-year-old son of Veronica — a University student and original thinker. But they are on the ground. Only the Englishman Peter — like something from another planet, it is steeped in algorithmic poetry. This is a higher level of connection with nature and the cosmos. He tells about the mysterious Humbaba, as it turns out, computer car, it does wonders. To remove Veronica didn’t know how. Training became her view of the curatorial program student of Marina Razbezhkina — Director and actor Dmitry Kubasov. Like other project participants, she admitted that about himself to take scared as about your family, because you are reflected in them. Veronica initially no idea, was just beginning to remove a few blind and thanks to these people came to “Tandem”.

Yulia Solovyova lives in Hamburg, and her mother — in Moscow. During the epidemic in their relationship has a new meaning. We see on the screen of the phone her mom, cheerfully telling about his life, and Julia, hardly constraining tears. The film “the Green dress” — the story of a scattered family. Dress worn on ceremonial occasions, and now it brings all the shared memories. Mom, for example, forty years is going to re-wear it again fashion. It all began with the purchase of green Japanese silk. Julia herself put�� this dress only once, and burned. His story became the story not only of family and country, but also a kind of code of Soviet women.

“Green dress” immediately received an invitation to Ekaterinburg at the international film festival “Kinoproba”. It represents Liliya Nemchenko — she’s a Professor and teaches at the University — shared his experience: “the Students represent the USSR as a country where all chained together, all in gray, and there is such a personality.”

the Film “Mihkel Become Muscarum” removed Mikhail Zhukov with the alias specified in the title of the film. He lives in Berlin, sitting at a table finally revived after quarantine café, admits that the accident was recorded in the Studio as enrolled in online courses drink. And now showed us all the details of your life, the pan on the stove, the contents of the wardrobe, gas cylinder, which ran out of gas, and this is something beyond life. Think over life itself, had died out of the streets of Berlin. Michael — your chinauniversity. He looked 30 films at the Berlinale and decided to try directing to the taste. Elena Demidova encouraging pupil: “boy, that made the movie. Now you’re the Director.” But this, of course, conditional. Many said: I’m not the Director, more an observer of life. Movies while chaotic, have no end or edge need to be improved. But the experience is great: the camera allowed to see what many did not notice.