the Staff of city hospital in Armavir asked to return the chief doctor Sergei Smirnov, who was dismissed after complaints about the lack of payment for work with patients with COVID-19. They recorded a video message in which he supported the chief.

the Former chief doctor of Armavir hospital only 40 years. He led the clinic since June 2013. Earlier in the Network appeared video address of the employees of the ambulance Service of Armavir, where they require certain payments for work with patients with COVID-19. After that the Krasnodar region Prosecutor’s office opened an inquiry following which the decision was made about the dismissal of Smirnova.

But the staff of the medical facility the decision was dissatisfied and recorded another video, where there are leaves that make up the inscription: “Smirnov, we are with you”. “City hospital of Armavir asked to return the chief physician, to understand the situation”, in chorus, say doctors. At the same time on the website there was a petition, which States that he was fired “in connection with a flash mob of ambulance staff”, but they “were not asked to fire chief physician”, and claimed that received not the promise: President payments. In two days the petition was signed by 1,700 people.

As told “MK” the author of the petition of Cyrus, she’s not going to praise Smirnov as head of the hospital, but do not agree with the accusations against him. “Top did not clarify how to make payments now took up the head and found guilty. By this logic you can dismiss all of the doctors in the country. If Smirnov guilty of something, even if fired under the relevant acts. Why start the mess?!” — outraged girl. She asked for clarification, what exactly, in this situation the accused is the chief doctor, “if the Federal and surcharges have not received not only by medical personnel in our region”.

the fact that earlier payments to physicians came an incident. The doctors complained that the President instead of the promised 80 thousand rubles they received a maximum of 1 thousand. This happened because of reservations in the government decree that the payments are “for time actually worked”. And it is this wording in every region, officials are treated differently. In the end, on 16 may, the government issued another ruling, where it has been said that “the time factor is not taken into account in the calculation of Federal payments to health workers”. Thus, Smirnov gave only one day to the fulfillment of these conditions.

the Situation “MK” commented Simon Galperin, the President of League of protection of physicians

— If this is not the main doctor, then you are guilty of a regional Ministry of health. A lot of complaints from health workers from all regions, but officials have come up with new excuses. In this case, only one of the same excuses — not ��could understand the two orders of government. Why do we need such the head of the institution and all his accounts, if he is not able to read the document and understand what it says?

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