Murmansk oblast Prosecutor’s office began checking on the fact discovered in the garbage boxes with medical equipment. Security forces are going to find out whether there was a violation of the provisions of the law when disposing of products. In the future the criminal case.

Folded boxes with equipment for dialysis, blood astounded Murmansk noticed the garbage on the street Polukhina. According to witnesses, this is the second such case since the beginning of 2020. First trade threw 12 Mar. People believe that get rid of them local infectious diseases hospital. However, the “MK” in the hospital said that nothing about the situation do not know and advised to contact the regional Ministry of health. The office is also not commenting on the scandal.

In the Murmansk news about discarded medical kits received with a sense of humor. The resident, who wished to remain anonymous, told “MK” that something different from the people was difficult to expect: “Infectious diseases hospital of Murmansk has long been in need of repair. It is literally falling apart. The people that were there the last time, tell you that the plumbing is broken, it was OK. The Windows are closed and to open them is impossible, and no other system of regulating the temperature in the room is not, so in the warmer time of year, people there die of the heat.

this last winter, the patients complained that the ward was as cold as outside. There were even pictures with the snow near the bed. And because the infection Department of the Murmansk not the only one. Last year at the dump near the North hospital for infectious diseases found a mountain of used syringes, droppers and so on. Rather, the hospital simply has no money for proper disposal, and to put waste where it is necessary”.

In the Murmansk residents may perceive the actions of the authorities in the fight against coronavirus. First, officials accused of late taken measures: people-isolation is sent, when a surge of coronavirus has already started, and released when it has not yet ended. For example, since may 5 allowed to open barbershops, although the hairdressers are afraid to go to work.

second, the dissatisfaction is a mask mode. People can be fined even for the fact that they don’t put a mask on the street, and this despite the fact that Murmansk never been in such heavy traffic, such as Moscow.

third, the authorities first rule for combating coronavirus, and in a few days they canceled that generates charges in the simulation activities. And infectious diseases hospital, as it turns out, do not control.

the Situation since thrown away the medical supplies “MK” commented the head of the environmental organization “Bellona-Murmansk” Andrey Zolotkov: “Infuller likely that such things were thrown out before, just did not pay enough attention. In the end, news that medical supplies are utilized incorrectly, regularly appear throughout the country.

With the advent of fashion industry, society began to respond differently to this problem. Of course, you can not throw these things to the dump. When it comes to the infectious diseases hospital (namely her gossip ascribes equipment), where doctors struggle daily against coronavirus, to make it even more unaffordable. In the hospital certainly understand the importance of proper disposal, but do not spend it. For example, it may be due to lack of money.

If it turns out that we are really talking about devices that were in the infection Department, or even more was used there, you need to quickly punish all the guilty.