the woman question is always, regardless of the presence or absence of coronavirus. And now Analytical center NAFI, together with the Council of the Eurasian women’s forum at the Federation Council (which only the Soviets acquire our parliamentarians!) conducted a survey to determine the Russians ‘ views on gender equality. The results are not that surprising: 72% of respondents believe the main purpose of the woman to be the mother and mistress of the hearth. 39% believe that men in our country is easier to build a career, and 25% do not trust women with leadership responsibilities. What’s the highlight, because it can not be, since we are talking about women?

Russian society in its stereotypes and values even more traditional in comparison with European or American is no secret. This confirms the results of the survey. Although to overestimate the Russian tradition, at least in the field of labour equality between men and women, it is not necessary. If in Russia the employment rate among males aged 15 to 72 years is 72%, and among women 60%, say, in Europe, the employment of men of the same age — 64% and women — 52%, the gap is the same. In the EU women’s wages on average are also lower than those of men, comparison can also be held as follows: in the EU the difference in wages is as if women work for free for 8 weeks in a year, and in Russia — 14.5 weeks. Here the difference is very noticeable.

Remember: it is the “traditional family values” Moscow officially cultivated in every possible way, considering their high socio-moral guidelines compared to “Western” democratic principles and human rights. Meanwhile, the main findings from the survey are not in favor of strengthening the Russian family traditionalism. The main thing the authors of the survey derive from it, is that if women’s employment in Russia were the same as men, the GDP would have grown by 13-14%. Here’s the magic solution to almost all problems, no crisis, can top-down look at oil prices and feel free to restart the projects.

In fact, the main conclusion in the other. The results of the survey give reason to think all traditions should be considered firmly valuable from the point of view of the main achievements of progress in solving the country’s problems. We have in fact for decades, if not centuries, it appears that by such indicators as labour productivity, development of education, science, healthcare, and constantly seeks to catch up with Europe and the United States. But every time it is emphasized that our values are much purer and higher, be it Soviet power or of a family tradition. It may be worthwhile to update the values so that they are pushed to finally catch up, we, and us?

as for the gender of an increase in 13-14% of GDP, this is another Nesbitt��about the dream. Equal employment of men and women, neither in Europe nor in the United States. So, at least until full gender equality is unattainable.

Worth mentioning in the growth of women’s employment in recent Russian history have tried to find a way of solving economic problems. Did it then the Minister of economic development, and now assistant to the President Maxim Oreshkin. In September 2018, he undertook an accelerated pace to meet the challenge to overtake Germany in terms of GDP, set by Putin. One solution then proposed by Oreshkin, was that when you reach in Russia, the level of the Norwegian women’s employment (in Norway it is higher than in Germany) GDP would receive an increase of 4%, and the problem would be solved. Option is more realistic but still hypothetical.

the General conclusion is not encouraging for men. Not so in Russia, it appears, is strong, just can’t provide solutions to the problems that women are by choice or even whim decided what to do.