the Dolphins have Privetninskoe noticed a family of tourists. Initially, the animals drew the attention of the children, the parents said. They didn’t believe him: well, what near St. Petersburg may be dolphins. But then saw themselves. Gave the information to animal rights activists.

In St. Petersburg and Leningrad region lives of marine mammals track the volunteers of the Foundation of friends of the Baltic ringed seals. There message was not surprised. It turned out, a few days before travel to the borders of St. Petersburg, the same group of dolphins was spotted near the Finnish city of Loviisa.

In 1935 near the village of Repino – then it belonged to Finland and was called Kuokkala – local people found the body of the deceased beaked Dolphin. Even then, the appearance of these animals in the Gulf were rare on Dolphin wrote to the local newspaper, information took note of the researchers.

And now a group.

When animal rights activists told about the Dolphin, users of social networks began in every way to persuade the phrase about how purified nature in the period of the pandemic. But as it turned out, coronavirus and drop shipping services here at anything. From St. Petersburg Alexander Kuznetsov has provided a video which can be seen in the Bay of Vyborg enthusiastically lapped a group of dolphins. And, as it turned out, the recording was made last summer. Dolphins noticed men ways to equip a trout farm at a local camp site. The staff was surprised by the appearance of dolphins, tell their friends, but in social networks the entry is not published, and only now, in the Wake of discussions, the video was made public.

However, to say that the dolphins decided to settle in the vicinity of St. Petersburg, prematurely.

– the Emergence of dolphins in the Gulf of Finland is an unusual episode. In recent years, such messages are not received. But to make definite conclusions, what has caused the emergence of animals, I would not, – says Vera Krasnova, a researcher of the laboratory of marine mammals of the Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

the Expert emphasizes, the marine mammal would have to be observed, to analyze the situation for many years. Unfortunately, in the Gulf of Finland, and in many other areas, monitoring on a regular basis is, at best, scientists are dealing with individual witnesses who are unable to provide complete data.

On the available images, we can’t say exactly what was observed in the Gulf of Finland, is a bottlenose dolphins and white-beaked dolphins. The latter are found in the North Atlantic, and the idea is that the Baltic sea for them a little attractive – reflects Vera Krasnova.

Where now sports a group of dolphins, which caused such a stir, nor scientists, nor the animal rights activists do not know. Popozirovat in the lens, the animals disappeared, leaving experts in sere��governmental thought.

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