To such conclusion came the experts and sociologists during the “round table”, who on Thursday was held in the Foundation for civil society development (Fcsd).

Recall that, according to preliminary data of the CEC, the new amendments to the Constitution voted 77,92% of Russians, and the turnout was 67,97%. It is noteworthy that the nationwide support of the amendments was significantly higher than in 1993, when he accepted the Basic Law of Russia: then “Yes,” said of 58.4% with a turnout at the level of 54.8%.

“Then it was not such a popular politician, Vladimir Putin. The rating of Yeltsin after 1991 and after the conflict with the Parliament fell. No actor around which would be a large number of United supporters who have Putin,” – said the head of Fargo Konstantin Kostin.

According to him, such indicators, this level of support gives the President very broad mandate, “as in the actual implementation of the new provisions in the Constitution and in the configuration and a reboot of the entire system of state power.” He noted that Vladimir Putin was not just the initiator of the amendments, but also took an active part in their promotion and explanation.

in addition, the high support for the new amendments determined their social nature, he said. “Opinion polls have shown that all social amendment had the support of 90%”, – said Kostin. He stressed that the amendments concerning the social responsibility of state – pensions, salaries, health care, is that people care about. “It all worked”, – said the analyst.

According to the head of Fcsd, the results are also influenced by the successful work of the Russian authorities to address the negative effects of coronavirus. According to him, in countries where the authorities ‘ actions are ineffective in the fight against the pandemic, the ruling party in the elections, as a rule, loses. So, in the municipal elections party in France Emmanuel Makron is defeated. Another positive example is South Korea, where the parliamentary elections won the confidence of the ruling party.

the vote came even the doubters, the supporters, says Victor Poturalski, Director of policy analysis of the company INSOMAR. That is why, in his opinion, sociologists are unable to predict such high results. “In the past the voting process, the voters saw something perhaps more meaning and more importance than even we anticipated, experts,” explained Poturalski.

Personal, meaningful and technological factors said the expert of the Center for political conjuncture Alexei Chesnakov, commenting on the results of the voting. “This is a clear triumph of Vladimir Putin. He has done a lot to get this result,” he said. In addition, the analyst noted that in the list of amendments that everyone could see�� “that resonated with his values, notions of good and evil, the role of the state.” “And it was important to mobilize for turnout of those people who saw in the Constitution something different”, he said.

Chesnakov also noted the format of the seven-day vote. “This technology allows as many people to participate in this democratic process, to Express their attitude to what is happening in the country,” he said.

in addition, the experts positively assessed the experience of conducting e-voting in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod region.