the Guests settle in the house for one or two companies, the owners cook for them traditional local dishes from organic products from their household. In the Northern system of “all inclusive” also includes familiarity with rural life, fishing, Hiking for mushrooms, berries, white nights and breathtaking scenery.

Also, very popular are excursions to family farms. Today, not every village will meet a cow or a goat, and even for citizens it is for sure exotic. On farms you can do not only to Pets but to look after them, and would be made immediately real cheese.

Seven years ago a large family of Bragina decided to move from Arkhangelsk to the village. Engineer Ilya and economist Anastasia began breeding goats and horses in the town of Sobino Kholmogory district. Over time, mastered the production of goat’s milk. On the family farm surrounded by forests, fields and rivers reached those wishing to relax from the city noise, spend in nature a weekend or holiday. To accommodate tourists and offer… in Buryat Yurt.

She came to us from the capital of Buryatia, Ulan-Ude, – says Anastasia Bragina. – Actually we were looking for something like a guest house, but came across information about a Yurt that is easy to transport and assemble. Our guests love to spend time in such an unusual dwelling.

the organic garden called the “land of goats” you can admire the dozens of purebred goats and learn to milk the cows, ride horses, taste goat milk and cheese, drink Ivan-tea in the Yurt.

– unfortunately, we are not very developed culture of consumption of goat’s milk, although it is very useful. So we began to cook from it delicious cheese, which is readily snapping up, says the mistress of the farm. But the main thing – we have tried to create an atmosphere that will allow citizens to experience village life, get pleasure from clean air and other advantages.

Tourists come in droves, so a little “country” have to expand. In plans – construction of the guest tower, open space for workshops, the establishment of the Park, wooden swing and the Museum of rural life. Is the idea to open forest ecotrail, as well as to carry tourists across the river to the village Vavchuga, there is a unique merchant’s house Bazhenova, who used Peter the First himself.

two years ago When a dentist and mother of many children Sesina Vlad opened a private farm in the village Shelokhovskaya in the Kargopol area, she had no idea that it will become a tourist attraction. She just wanted five children drank fresh milk. And another dream was to breed horses of the famous breed Mezen.

Today the farm three “of mesenchy”, Shetland pony, two cows, Vietnamese pigs and geese. Kargopolsky district is one of the most touristchallenges in Pomerania. And it so happened that guests without any advertising stretched themselves on the family farm.

– the Fence we have our Pets in mind, besides photos appeared, and people began to look. Going to watch Aleksandro-Oshevensky monastery and specially made round through our village. Students, whole classes come. I think today very much lack of communication with animals. We do not take ready adult horses and foals, so we can look at all stages of care and education, – said Vlad Sesina.

the Family farm in Shelokhovskaya call the new tourist brand of the Kargopol area. In the future, the hostess plans to open an equestrian tourist centre and conduct classes in hippotherapy for “special” children.

Most of the Kulikov family, like many inhabitants of the Kenozersky national Park takes tourists on your guest compound in the village of Morshchikhinskaya. The couple first built one house, then another – a little more, moved back, and took the first guests. Attract tourists the tranquility and beauty of the protected area, and fishing on its many lakes.

– we are coming from different cities of the country. The Park hotels are not always enough seats for everyone, and many want to live in this cottage, – says Marina Kulikova. – We offer a diet of natural foods: meat, poultry from our own – keep our pigs and chickens, fish from the lake, vegetables from his garden. I also really love to bake and the cakes always give them out to tourists. And still going to arrange for their gingerbread workshops.

Soon, the couple will open for guests of another house inherited by husband inherited from parents. Then Kulikovy can simultaneously accommodate ten people.

in mid-2019, long before the pandemic coronavirus, Murmansk oblast entered the “Golden” group of the National ranking of tourism-2019, occupying 18-e a place among regions of Russia and the second among the subjects of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation. Last year the Arctic was visited by that time, about 450 thousand tourists. But this is not enough, sure the local outdoor enthusiasts and representatives of the tourism industry of the Arctic. Tourist attractiveness of the Murmansk region are estimated at best half, or even less.

– Very surprising that the newcomers know about the sights of the Kola Peninsula more than the locals, – told correspondent “RG” the inhabitant of Severomorsk Andrey Ivanov, who more than twenty years of winter and summer walks in the Hiking trails along the Kola Peninsula. – Those who prefer to spend their vacation in the South, I don’t know about the beautiful waterfalls in the Khibiny, Lovozero tundras and Teriberka, have never been on peninsulas Rybachiy and Sredniy. They have no idea that h��on the Tersky shore of the Kola Peninsula is the real sandy desert, where wild horses come to the tourists and they have to beg for the treat.

According to him, many beautiful parts of Northern nature, located near Murmansk, Monchegorsk, Kirovsk, Kandalaksha. It is easily reached on foot, such trips don’t take a lot of time and even poorly trained people.

the flow of Tourists to the Murmansk region can be increased, said the President of the Association “Arctic guides” Vladimir Onatsky. The region has a lot of locations that are still little known in the country. Why are only picturesque authentic village with hundreds of years of history. A gift remains a polar day. He can become no less popular than the Northern lights, for which here in the winter tourists come from distant countries.

According to official data, in the year Pskov oblast is visited by 400 thousand tourists. It is very small, say in one voice representatives of local tourist business. The region has huge potential.

– it’s a shame that the face of Russia on the international market is Moscow, Petersburg, Sochi, Kazan. Those foreign tourists who want something native Russian, sent to the Golden ring or in Veliky Novgorod. But in order to experience the country, you need to go to the Outback. And in this plan of the city of Pskov is not found, – said the head of travel Agency “Continent” Svetlana Baranova. – On the one hand, he is imbued with the history of Russia, with another – close to Europe. Pskov stops, makes you think, fall in love unconditionally and irrevocably. If you only knew how many wonderful people, once in the Pskov region, then moving in here, filling our land with new meaning, warmth, kindness. They grow flax, jam, decorate cakes, bake bread… Each place is a point of attraction for tourists. What we lack is a focus for the promotion: clear Analytics, bright pictures, representation of Pskov on the domestic and international tourism markets. Survived only our hotel and restaurant chain after the current shock.

Yeah, Pskov underrated, but thanks to the materials where our city is presented solely as the focus of churches and monasteries, – says Alexander Lebedev, Director of tour operator “the Atmosphere travel.” Connoisseurs of churches not so much as lovers of natural beauty, as well as our believe is not in the country! But the media do not write, for example, about Izborsk bit valley is an incredible monument of nature, situated just thirty kilometers from Pskov. It’s not only the Izborsk fortress, but also the amazing landscapes, endangered animals and plants, tracks of different difficulty level, roads on which there were still 800-900 l��t back, legends and stories… And Talab island! They are considered a place of pilgrimage, but there are sand dune, and brought with glacier boulders, and relict pine grove… Nothing will change until we break the stereotypes that have built up over decades. Pskov is not only a Church and Pushkin, it is also nature, air, freedom! Yes, we are not in the intersection of all roads, but transport accessibility is no problem: we’ll end the restrictions will resume four “Swallows”, the flights – and please Pskov awaits you, the place is enough for everyone!