this year for students provided by almost 542 thousand of budget places, including almost 400 thousand for the bachelor and specialist degrees. And on behalf of the President of Russia should be allocated 30 thousand budget places. The largest number will go to the universities implementing the program of pedagogical, agricultural, medical and IT fields. To enter higher education on all forms of training, the Russians and Belarusians will continue to be on the exam or entrance tests conducted by universities on their own for applicants who have graduated from colleges and technical schools for specialized programs.

Already officially announced that the start of the main phase of the Unified state exam scheduled for June 29, will end on July 23. All participants registered in the early period of the examination and the principal will be able to pass the exam on these dates. This applies to Belarusian students who plan to enter Russian universities. They pass the exam at the same time in special areas of the exam.

it is Important that the state exams this year will take only those who are planning to enroll in higher educational institutions, students of other school certificates will be issued on the basis of annual estimates. University graduates, who for valid reasons cannot attend the main stage of unified state examination will pass the exams in August.

As noted in the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation, enrolment will take place in a short time is also a feature of the admission campaign this year. First will be awarded those who have special benefits: olimpiadnye, exempts and tseleviki. Next two stages will accept applicants who showed the highest results of the exam and entrance tests. Thus, 100% of enrollment completed by the end of August.

on the Eve became known the exact timing of the submission of documents to the universities: according to the Minister of science and higher education of the Russian Federation Valery Falkova, it can be done in the period from 20 June to 17 August. A feature of the current admission campaign that the statement to the admissions office of the selected University must be submitted before the exam.

the New year will be the electronic signature of the applicant whose certificate will need to “invest” in the documents. To obtain such signature, any Russian citizen over 14 years. This can be done certification center, accredited by the Ministry of communications of Russia.

However, all rules have exceptions. So, in MGIMO documents for admission to the bachelor program you can apply today – reception is open from 12 may.

As before, documents to universities can serve as the graduates of previous years, so students graduating this year. Still simultaneously in five universities in three directions each. A total of 15 packs documents. All applications will be taken electronically. The originals bring is not necessary. But the applicants have to give written undertaking that you will provide them during the first year of study. As well as the obligation to pass the examination in the first year of study. Russians you can submit documents via the Single portal of state services by selecting the service “admission to the University online”, or directly through the information system of the universities by email or through “my account”.

as for the procedure of exam Belarusian students, they can do it in any city depending on the selected University. Direction to the venue of the exam are issued in the admissions office of the institution (before this you must register to take the exam). Belarusians often choose universities in the border of the Smolensk, Pskov and Bryansk regions. To apply to the University itself should applicant, at least his parents by proxy. Note that the procedure is cumbersome, but it can soon be eased in February, the education Ministers of our countries have discussed the issue of opening of the Minsk center, the exam, and in Moscow – in the testing center. But it’s still in the future.

Today the results of the exam, the Russians and Belarusians can come to Russian universities, but in the Belarusian-Russian University in Mogilev. This Federal institution unique feature of the program both on Belarusian and Russian standards. As told to “Union” Vice-rector on educational work of the Belarusian-Russian University Natalia Volgina, the admission of students to Russian educational programs will take place under Russian law.

“the plan of action is simple. You need to go to the website of the University, to register and apply. Rules of admission and list of documents provided on the University’s website – said Natalia Volgina. – This year under the Russian standards of education, we are announcing a set of nine training areas in bachelor’s and three directions of preparation of masters”. According to the representative of the University, if not enough points are on a budget, you can do a paid Department. To date, the cost of education per year is an average of 3 thousand Belarusian rubles (about 96 thousand Russian rubles) depending on the direction of training. By the way, the Russian President asked the Russian universities this year “not to screw up the price”. Ministry of education and science has already given recommendations to the universities to keep the tuition the same as last year.

this year in Belarus for higher education of the I step at the expense of the budget it is planned to adopt 27.1 thousand people, on a paid basis – more than 28 thousand. It’s a little more than in 2019: the number of places will increase due to technical, those��logicheskih, medical specialties.

registration for the centralized testing is completed on 1 June. Last week became known to the new dates DH: taking into account the epidemiological situation, it decided to start slipping on June 25.

Another feature of the preliminary electronic registration on the TPS. The registration form e-line to determine the date and time of the item by the applicant. Director of the Republican Institute of knowledge control Yuri Meksyk emphasizes that the DH will be held in accordance with the requirements and recommendations of the Ministry of health. In particular, the test on the Russian language and mathematics – subjects who choose more applicants, – the allotted two days. This is done to ensure a safe distance in the audience.

And if someone can’t be DH in main days for health reasons, or perhaps he will be in isolation? The question that interests almost every entrant. Director of RICS says: if there is a valid reason remains the opportunity to take DH back in the days (19, 21 and 23 July), but the reason must be documented. Remote delivery is not available. This year, by the way, the number of points of the COG in back days enlarged, to pass it will not only in Minsk, but also in each regional center.

to Compete for funded places at Belarusian universities, as before, I wish many Russian graduates. The position of the CT provides that they can send in the registration Desk copy of the identity document and the application form, fill it according to your choice in one of the official languages of Belarus.

Such applicants upon the arrival in Belarus should come to the registration point on DH, to produce the original documents, payment for the reception and registration of documents for participation in DH and to get a pass. Importantly, copies of the documents in the mail until June 1. – Yuri Meksyk adds that try their hand students can by clicking on the website of RICS practice test online.

In the press center of the Ministry of education noted: “in the absence of the constraints associated with the exit from the Russian Federation and in compliance with internal legislation of Belarus, which establish especially restrictive measures, citizens of the Russian Federation will be able to participate in DH”. And in the case of coincidence of dates of the exam and the CT – register to reserve days. Or to enter the Belarusian universities, as foreign students enrolling on the basis of interview.


final exams will be held from 1 to 9 June, and graduation is scheduled for June 10-11.