The husband of Natasha Koroleva Sergei Glushko, protested the living conditions of artists in the period of the pandemic. In conversation with journalists portal Tarzan complained that the only business he had, until recently, a private fitness center, is closed.

Some time, the athletes could visit while Glushko rented premises in Central Moscow, but later, Tarzan has made the decision on the termination of the legal relationship with real estate owners, and the gym moved to his dacha.

Glushko noted – coronavirus quite badly hit on the family budget artists. He and his wife clearly felt the shortage of funds. Sergei wondered – why is the government not helping people from the cultural sector, preferring to focus on seniors and doctors.

“In contrast to grandparents who sit at home and received a pension, and receive, the actors do not have a dime. Moreover, we will the last person connected to life, because it is a mass gathering of people. All somehow believe that we are the rich in this country: not being able to earn a penny now, we make demands, they say, you let more doctors pay. People do not understand! And we do not have a dime!”, emotionally he said.