Olga Buzova is familiar to many viewers, as it was one of the first participants of the project “Dom-2”. Now she became its presenter. The girl grew up in the eyes of millions of people. She went through a divorce with Dmitry Tarasov and met a new love – blogger Davout. Many noticed changes in the girl’s appearance. She "disappeared" of the cheeks, but the color of the hair it began to change almost every year. Now in the web there are disputes, did star plastic.

the 34-year-old Buzova admitted that once almost had a boob job, but at the last moment changed his mind. According to her, the more she is nothing in itself does not want to change. The girl is afraid to go under the knife. However, fans suspect that she could highlight the cheekbones or to make the nose more accurate. For portal appreciated the appearance of Olga and shared his opinion that made the star and how she keeps young surgeon Alexander Vdovin.

“On the face of the presenter visible evidence of tampering… photoshop. And custom level – not professional, Amateur. What visual defects were trying to cover using photoshop Olga Buzova is still a mystery, but what unskillful hands “hurt” her nose — an undeniable fact.

If Olga really resorted to rhinoplasty, we would know about it immediately and from her. This is not the man that will become something to hide from the public and the media. We would have seen photographs depicting Olga after the intervention. But in these photos it would have been, as expected, a swollen nose, swelling, bruises under the eyes and other attributes of the postoperative period. By the way, the recovery after rhinoplasty takes quite a long time — at least a year. And the swelling subsides just for 5-6 months after surgery. Rhinoplasty is a serious intervention that requires a long rehabilitation period, and Olga while so long out of sight did not disappear.

She even can say, new to aesthetic medicine, and until plastic surgery is not resorted. It’s hard to say if he removed the lumps bisha, probably not. She has not developed lumps Bichat and thin face. But it definitely uses the services of cosmetologists: do not neglect body treatments, rejuvenation hardware, did the detectives augmentation of the Malar area, chin and lips, perhaps, resort to injections of botulinum toxin. But fundamentally it is in itself nothing changed,” – said the expert.

the help

Alexander I. Vdovin – maxillofacial surgeon, cosmetologist. He has over eleven years of successful experience in plastic surgery. Got education in Vladivostok, where he also completed a residency in General surgery. Retraining took place �� St. Petersburg. in 2019 extended the certification “Plastic surgery”.

Vdovin winner of the Best surgeon in 2018, according to Channel Fashion TV, the author Robin blepharoplasty, the Best plastic surgeon for comprehensive facial rejuvenation prize of THE MOSCOW LIFE AND BUSINESS AWARDS.