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In the online cinemas gaining popularity the Steven Soderbergh film "Contagion". He was released in 2011, but critics then took it cool. Now, many have appreciated a reliable picture of the epidemic
Almost all Chinese suppliers AliExpress restored supplies of goods to customers in the regular mode. Detainees in the previous month and a half parcels will be transferred to delivery within 10 days
The Russian currency strengthened at the start of trading, from the data of the Moscow exchange. The dollar fell to a minimum before and 73.81 ruble, Euro - ruble to 82,36. This is due to a slight increase in oil prices
In recent years, the phrase "political mistake" came out of wide use. But in Imperial and Soviet Russia, an accusation of this kind was particularly grave sin. This is similar to and for the first time published a curious document from the collections of GA RF
NRC has offered to provide parents of children up to 14 years of sick leave for the duration of the quarantine in the schools. The Committee noted that this measure will allow parents to provide adequate care for children while they are at home
Nine days in voluntary isolation journalist "RG", returning from Spain. But doctors to her never arrived, the analyses did not take. And at this time in social networks is heating up passion about shopping
The decision of the Central Bank's key rate will be associated with the dynamics of the Russian financial market, analysts say. But even if the Bank of Russia will not change the level of the rate of 6% per annum in the next month or two, banks can get slightly better rates on deposits and loans
Russian developers have created a software project, which enables automated analysis of these images fluorography, mammography and kardiogramma on the basis of artificial intelligence. The accuracy of this analysis is 93 percent
"RG" has published a selection on what to watch those who are at home in quarantine. However, the news does not take long, we honestly warned. Here is a new possibility to spend time usefully. Information today
Sociologists have noticed that people with different incomes have different views on the causes of poverty and the path to wealth. That, in the opinion of the citizens is the basis of financial insolvency and how changing trends in these estimates over the past decade - in the article "WG"
The European court of human rights has supported Russia in a dispute with a recruit who was denied the right to alternative civil service. The young man tried to convince the draft Board that he is a pacifist, but could not prove it
After the price of Brent crude oil below $ 30 a barrel, many are talking about new record lows in the financial markets. Expert "RG" does not exclude even the recurrence of the recent "black Monday"
Hall of the permanent exposition of ancient Russian icon painting of XIV - beginning of the XVIII century has opened in the Hermitage. There are more than 80 icons, many of which are true masterpieces. Most of them are taken from wooden churches and chapels closed in the 1920-1930-ies
Global warming is a cyclic process associated with solar activity, volcanic eruptions and human activities. But a warm winter in Russia this year has provided not global warming
Four-year-old Muscovite received serious burns after an animated presentation by invited to the home artist. During the show focus animator doused the baby with dry ice, after which he was in need of medical care
The European Commission proposes to introduce in the EU, temporary restrictions on all travel, except for emergency. On the borders it is supposed to create "green line" to provide priority pass with transport medicines and food
Aviation faces crisis, in the third quarter of a possible bankruptcy, experts say. The problem is not just the closure of a number of international destinations, but also the exchange rate that is tied to the maintenance and salaries of pilots
The spread of coronavirus and makes adjustments to the work of museums. If the foreign art space closed entirely, the Russian galleries are still available for visitors. There is also the opportunity to walk around the exhibition online
Police have identified and arrested a gang of counterfeiters who forged two bills. Distribution of fakes was carried out in a contactless manner by equipment caches
The government has prepared a plan of priority measures for combating coronavirus and its negative impact on the social sphere and the economy. Among them are the radical - closure and interruption of transport communications with neighboring countries
Ilya Prusikin proposed to rename the coronavirus and write from now on his name as CorUNOvirus. And all because the song with which the band Little Big is going to go to Eurovision in Rotterdam proved to be the true "viral hit"
Can a citizen remove from the Internet negative feedback about your work? Critical opinion is just an assessment of the quality provided by specialist services or the invasion of private space? These questions were considered by the Supreme court of the Russian Federation
New fever hospital building in Moscow, schools and universities have switched to distance learning, the Russian retail sector is experiencing the effects of panic shopping, the EU closed its borders. What else happened in Russia and in the world due to the spread of COVID-19 - in the article "WG"
Because of the coronavirus, the Ministry has banned the holding of international tournaments in Russia. The office also recommended that to limit the holding of all-Russian competitions. The sports arena was empty for an indefinite period
The demand for food delivery from 9 March to 15 March rose by 3-4 times against the background of the coronavirus. For some product groups, demand has increased to 80%, experts say. Retailers have been advised to work with suppliers to ensure uninterrupted supply
16 Mar prominent actor Sergei Yursky would have turned 85 years old. To this date "WP" remembers the highlights from the interview: on education and people around, the attitude to popular roles and what work is considered undervalued
People in the older age groups are at particular risk when infected COVID-19. They infection often occurs with complications. In this regard, the CPS extended the recommendations for protection for people over 60 years
In the January issue of "homeland," spoke about the irreconcilable struggle which the Czechs led with the chief jailer Russia Galkin-Braskem. In this room the theme continues in Sakhalin publication about Sonya Golden hand, which the writer met in prison
A veteran of mountaineering gotovtseva Maria says that the song "the climber" is devoted to her. Reason not to believe the words of Maria Frolovna no: in 1966 she was the only female instructor in the movie "Vertical", where Vladimir Vysotsky sang for the first time on the big screen
It was called the face of the era, a symbol of the seas, harsh skipper, at least - a lovely lady. She knew how to dress up dress with frills, hat, white blouse. But he liked to wear naval uniform - black tunic with captain's braids and straps awards. Captain, Hero of socialist labor, order bearer, model head...
Before the revolution, women were prevented from listening to University lectures, but only as an exception and without the ability to pass exams and get a diploma. The requirement of equality for women education was the leading one of the first slogans of the women's movement
March 7, 1960, American helicopter pilots noticed in the open sea semiflooded barge on which people lay. The rescued people were brought aboard the carrier. They said that they do not need anything but fuel and food, and that they will get home. Soviet sailors had been at sea for 49 days without food and water
In 1932 Yevgeny Zamyatin wrote: "emigration - two of the most popular author in the first place Elena molokhovets, the second Pushkin". If the author of a cookbook has 29 titles with a total circulation of nearly 300 thousand copies. By the early twentieth century the book had already 4500 recipes
In January 1945, the strikes of the 4th SS Panzer corps put 3-th Ukrainian front on the brink of disaster. Like back 1941 - crushed by tanks artillery regiment, trapped in the ring division. And in March of 1945, Hitler tried one last time to turn the tide lost them the war
May 9, 1960 at the Piskarevskoye cemetery was opened a memorial complex. In the center - a six-meter monument to Motherland, which became a symbol lived through the Leningrad tragedy. Sculptor Vera Isaeva did not live to see its opening just a few days
Intervention by Leo Tolstoy in this story has led to two consequences. First, the ordinary name was saved from oblivion: the complete works of classics it is mentioned 22 times. Second, we began to look at the case of private Shabunina the eyes of the writer
The theme of the February selections prepared in the framework of the project "Lived with the Homeland", dedicated to the amazing day that only happens every four years. But how much can this "extra" day to catch!
On 8 March 1942 around 22.30 commander of the 16th army of the Western front Konstantin Rokossovsky went to the headquarters to sign the documents. Bent over sitting at the table chief of staff Mikhail Malinin. At this point right outside the window the shell exploded, the shrapnel flew into the room and hit the back Rokossovsky
On the last day of winter, February 29, Fedor Abramov would have turned 100 years old. Countryman of the writer and literary critic has told about the life of a representative of "village prose" in the province
Despite the fact that February 29 only happens every four years, in the history of our country this day due to many historical events - from Peter the great's decree about Foundation of the city of Biysk to the liberation of Novorzhev and 310 settlements of the Pskov region and the fatal wounding of General Vatutin
During the war, was delivered 10.7 billion letters, 22.9 million parcels 63.9 billion copies of printed materials. Forwarding of correspondence was provided free of charge
Few people know that artist Alexander Laktionov depicted in the famous painting "letter from the front" real people. And it was created this masterpiece in the walls of the Trinity Sergius Lavra, gun niche which during the war was converted into a hostel
In Voronezh, the building of the post office installed the world's only monument to the front the postman. Bronze soldier with a rifle over his shoulder walks to their destinations. With his left hand he is holding puffy bag, on the right is a cherished triangles, fabulous joy for the people in the war
"The war is over. Many have grief, killed husbands, sons, fathers. I survived. Not far the day when I get home. However, too many of my years had more grey hair...". Trench truth war many years collecting in the village Museum kindergarten teacher
April 7, 1919, after receiving news of the approach to the Crimea, troops of the red army, the former Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna on the English military ship "Marlborough" left Russia. Until the last days of the mother of the executed Nicholas II believed that his son is alive
In the late Soviet regime "leap year" was pretty important mythological concept. There was a group of "Leap year," was a novel, if I'm not mistaken, a Soviet writer, anyway... About the extra day of the year reflects journalist, writer and publisher Boris Minaev