What not to miss on TV and online during the week from 6 to 12 April

“Bloodhound” was replaced by “Patron”

the First question from the audience of the First channel is that show “the Advocate” directed by Vladimir Kott, why not show it on the air. In the series 16 episodes. Showed 8. The answer to this question is – the show decided to divide it into two seasons. The first channel is already made – for example, with the series “Better than people” was a similar situation. Promise that the second season will soon.

Photo: kinopoisk.ru “IMDb” told that the Russians are watching quarantined

in the meantime, in the evening Prime the First channel, the fourth season of the popular series “the Bloodhound” to Anne of Bandicoot in the title role. This season is more than two years since that moment as Colonel Alexander Kushnir retired and immersed himself in family life. Now Alexander happy mother of the little Misha and the wife of Boris. And yet Alexander does not find a place without a job. Daily to unravel the most complex cases and to care for the child – an impossible task even for an experienced investigator, but Alexander is ready to take the risk. She has no idea that her horizon will arise again people from the past… by the Way, in February this year announced the end of filming of the fifth season of the project.

the First channel, March 6-9, 21:30

the Last hero of the 90s

NTV – the premiere action-detective “the Ricochet” production “Studio KIT” (included in the GPM KIT in the “Gazprom-media”). The main role in the film was played by Alexander Ustyugov, Ekaterina Volkova, Sergei Shnyrev, Peter Rykov, Victoria Zabolotnaya and Ingrid Olerinsky. The premiere of the series took place on 30 March in the framework of the prestigious program MIPTV”s Drama Buyers Summit. This year all the shows planned for the international exhibition of 2020 content MIPTV, held in an online format, which provides service MIPTV Online+. Detective has become the only Russian project that chose the experts of the industries.

Photo: kinopoisk.ru Rating: look what the Russians quarantined

20 years ago Artem Volkov is officially buried. “Resurrect” it makes parents ‘ death in a car accident. To say goodbye “the last hero” dashing 90-x returned to his native Aninsk with a new face, new identity and new name – now his name is Dennis. He immediately finds himself at the center of criminal events of the town. Alexander Ustyugov not only played a major role in the film but also participated in the soundtrack together with his music group to Ekibastuz, he sang the song “Zero”. This was the first such experience for the artist. The series will feature one song performed by the actor: with Ekaterina Volkova, they recorded a cover version of the song “amber and Silver”. In the recording of the soundtrack took part and the famous rapper Batista: the film will feature two songs – “Come on baby” and “no, No, Yes.”

NTV from 6 April, 21:00

Quarantine in Hubei province

a New film Discovery Channel “COVID-19: China against the virus” will tell, as it was one of the most radical decisions in the history of health care. In the picture presented a unique documentary footage from Wuhan city, Hubei province. Coronavirus infection CoViD-19 was first recorded in China, where in just two months managed to suppress the outbreak.

Photo: youtube.com/ PREMIER What TV shows to watch in quarantine. Recommendations “of Kinkradio”, part 1

a New project traces the chronology of the events preceding the closure to quarantine the whole region. The film includes exclusive footage and interviews with Chinese doctors, virologists, experts in the field of health, volunteers, patients, government representatives, and experts from other countries and who representatives.

Discovery Channel, April 7, 22:55

Tell me, “Dr. 24”

From the first days of the epidemic COVID-19 millions of people around the world have searched and search the Internet for the answers: whether it is treated, what medications to take, how to make antiseptic your hands, can you get through a package from China? The TV channel “Moscow 24” will help to understand – launches video blog “Dr. 24”, responding to current questions about health. Alena Rabinovich, Anna Arutyunova and Julian Kapitsyn will separate the truth from the fakes by studying the most popular Internet queries. Do I need to cut the calories while you’re home? How not to kill your husband in quarantine? During the panic all bought buckwheat. If she’s useful?

Personal interest of the characters to a healthy lifestyle will bring all investigations to the end, because they want to know the answers to your questions. In the video blog will not be a traditional TV presenters and pictures from the Studio. Only a living and dynamic shooting from a first person view!

Issues of “Dr. 24” on the channel “Moscow 24” 3 times a day (12:48, 14:15, 16:15), and social media

Exercises for senior

On TV channel “Doverie” has started a new project – “Do it together”. It will help older people easier to survive the isolation. The legendary host of “Rhythmic gymnastics” Elena Skorokhodova returns to television in order to tell you how to support yourself during the quarantine, not to lose muscle tone, do not go to moontion and create a good mood. Every morning Elena and her assistants will show simple but effective exercises that can easily be performed at home. And it does not need to have costly sports equipment. Simply wear comfortable clothing, ventilate the room and turn on the TV.

“Trust,” every morning

Weekdays provincial hospital

the First channel has announced the online premiere medical series “Practice 2”. Already since March 29 kino.1tv.ru you can watch the first 10 episodes without a subscription. Since March 30, a new series available to all subscribers. All new users for a month subscription for 1 ruble.

“Practice” is a medical drama about the everyday life of doctors in a provincial hospital in Tula, their work and the difficult relationship. The two main characters of the film – a talented surgeon Eugenia Queen (Xenia Lavrova-Glinka) came from Moscow doctor Ilya Sokolov (Eldar Lebedev).

Photo: kinopoisk.ru What TV shows to watch in quarantine. Recommendations “of Kinkradio”, part 2

the Action is the second season begins a year later. In the emergency room, still no rest. Each patient has their own pain, and Eugene, Ilya, Olga and Slava are doing everything to save everyone. Zhenya and Ilya is an important day – their wedding. It seems that all obstacles finally behind us. To wish the young happiness comes Lana. But the explanation is Lana and Ilya ends the quarrel. And soon the victim from hands of the maniac brought Lana to the hospital…In the new season in one of the main roles will be Boris hvoshnyanskiy (“Salsa”).

the episodes will play Vladimir Nosik, Prokhor Shalyapin, Zhanna Epple, Natalia Gromushkina, Olga machine interface, Alexei Tikhonov, Mikhail Khimichev and others.

movie website Firstchannel, March 29

Gagarin – the best of the best

Historical drama “Gagarin. First in space” repeat Cosmonautics Day on April 12. This is the first attempt to create a large-scale feature film about Yuri Gagarin. The story is about an ordinary guy caught in extraordinary circumstances, about a man who was destined to be the first to step into space.

the Main leitmotif of the film – the struggle for the right to be first. In the first group of astronauts were selected from three thousand fighter pilots across the country. In twenty of the legendary got the best of the best. One of them will fly first, no one knew. Further, from the first group of astronauts have flown in space, only 12 people, the rest dropped out for various reasons…

cast: Yaroslav Zhalnin, Mikhail Filippov, Vladimir Steklov and others.

the First channel, 12 APR, 23:10

Talent and charisma Chuck berry

the British documentary “Chuck berry” (Chuck Berry) – on the First channel on April 10 at 00:15.

Chuck berry was the acknowledged king of rock-n-roll. Despite the star status and the recognition of his talent such notable artists as John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen, Keith Richards, Steve van Zandt, Joe Perry and Alice Cooper, berry was modest and remained loyal to the family. He was truly a master of words and music, the happy owner and talent, and charisma.

the Heirs of berry have addressed themselves to the well-known Director and producer John Bruere with a request to sponsor an exclusive documentary about one of the founders of rock-n-roll.

the First channel, April 10, 00:15

Elena Stepanenko: new image

the Channel “Russia 1” starts a new Sunday “Show of Elena Stepanenko”. And the audience was more interesting show “stepped up” Olga Buzova. But – in order. Elena Stepanenko decided to updated and ready for the spring – radically changed the image. To get acquainted with the updated Elena Stepanenko want. First a visit to look Mary Aronov, Tatiana Vasilyeva, Olga Buzova, Yefim Sifrin, Anna Semenovich, Olesya Zheleznjak, Anfisa Chekhov, Nikolai Tsiskaridze. Longtime friend Efim Shifrin, Elena asks very personal, but the modern question… why is the pet of millions, there is still no Instagram? This topic will continue and most influential instadia of modernity Olga Buzova. She will teach Helen to trendy buzzwords and success in social networks. Do not be surprised if after this the master class Stepanenko will be on top Instagram! Well, if Maria Aronova, Elena will go even further and test modern gadgets, what to do with the other guests – even scary to imagine. The Studio program is also updated. Fashionable multifunctional space. And interviews, and a workshop, and the area of activity for dances, songs and amusements.

“Russia 1”, 12 April, 12:10

Roads Igor Mirkurbanov

Guest talk show “My hero” on the channel “TV the Center” Igor Mirkurbanov”. There’s no city that were not visited by Igor mirkurbanov, the University, in which he did not, and the Moscow theater, where he did not play. The future actor was born in Chimkent, studied and worked in Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Yurga, Moscow and even tel Aviv. Behind him the study at several technical universities, the Novosibirsk state Conservatoire and finally at the directing Department of GITIS Moscow.

Photo: kinopoisk.ru What to look out for the quarantine: “Gynocracy” recommends. Issue 1

the Actor recalls with gratitude his teachers at the GITIS – Directors Andrei Aleksandrovich Goncharov, and Mark Anatolyevich Zakharov. At the beginning of the “dashing 90”, the audience stopped coming to the theater, and not to lose the profession, Igor mirkurbanov went to Israel, where his mentor in the theatre. Vladimir Mayakovsky, Yevgeny Arye creatingthe scarlet theater “Gesher”. Play had and in Russian, and Hebrew.

In Moscow in the beginning of “zero” its called Andrei Eshpai, and invited to star in the film ‘Ellipsis’. Immediately followed by an invitation from Ivan DYKHOVICHNY’s the role of Michael in the picture “Breath-exhalation”. If Eshpai in December and returned it in a movie, Konstantin Bogomolov – in theater. The actor was invited to the Moscow art theatre. A. P. Chekhov on the role of the Lord in an “Ideal husband.” Bogomolov was performed on Mirkurbanov before Tabakov, and was followed by a meeting with Oleg Pavlovich.

“TV Center” on Thursday, April 9, at 13:40.

Evil must be punished?

a New documentary “a Black mark for the stars” on channel “TV Center”. On the silver screen they abused their own children and husbands, profited from the suffering of others. The audience no doubt: villains on the silver screen and in life must be false and vile.

In the end, Irina Akulova had to hide from the audience’s hatred in a small town. Vera Altayskaya has found solace in alcohol. From Valentina Telegina denied his own daughter. Nadezhda Fedosova miraculously convinced myself that life didn’t play any negative role. Olga trips abroad voluntarily condemned himself to death. But what actually were these women? And so if they really like their angry and violent on-screen heroines?

Participants: Veniamin Smekhov, Natalya Sedykh, Tatiana Bronze, Sergei Zholobov, Era Ziganshina, Inna Kara-Mosko, Tamara lyakina, Elena Drapeko, directed by Denis Azarov, the writer Natalia Tandora, film critic Aleksandr Shpagin.

“TV Centre”, 9 April, 23:05

“Helikon-Opera” – 30 years

on the 30th anniversary of “Helikon-Opera” in evening air “Russia” – the Opera of Dmitry Shostakovich “Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk” and Giacomo Puccini’s Opera “Turandot”. The Director of both productions is Dmitry Bertman. Birthday at the theater on April 10. His repertoire includes over 75 productions.

Photo: kinopoisk.ru What to look out for the quarantine: “Gynocracy” recommends. Issue 2

Opera “Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk” has won four “Gold masks” in different nominations. She was applauded in Russia, France, Italy, Hungary, Estonia, Israel, South Korea. With the huge success of “Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk district” was held at the Theater of Dante Alighieri and the famous Teatro Comunale di Bologna in Italy, admired the audience in the Municipal theater in são Paulo- one of the most famous theaters in South America. On the production of “Turandot” was done by international team: Chinese famous set designer Camellia Koo, lighting designer – American Thomas Haase who many productions in the Opera houses of Europe and America, and of musicals on Broadway. Music management took over the USSR people’s artist Vladimir Fedoseyev, never before in Russia is not conducting Opera performance. This play will show April 19.

“Russia”, April 12, 22:25

Photos on the memory

“Russia To” new documentary film “Photosphere”, which is dedicated to masters of photography – our contemporaries. Four heroes – professionals, each with his own philosophy of the craft.

the First part – “Sports. Sergey Kivrin,” 6 APR. The second part – “War. Sergey Ponomarev”, 7 APR. Third – “The Landscape. Andrei Bronnikov”, 8 April. About fotolena will be discussed in the final fourth part, “From gloss to art. Vladimir Clavijo-Telepnev”, April 9

“Russia K”, with April 6, 23:15

Online broadcast of concerts “Zaryadye”

the TV Channel “Russia” started online broadcasts of concerts from the Great hall of the “charge” on your website www.tvkultura.ru. Next concert April 9 – “day of the piano duet.”

great pianists of our time, Boris Berezovsky and Alexander Ghindin will perform transcriptions for two pianos of well-known works of Maurice RavYale, George Gershwin, Vernon Duke, Wendell Kinea, as well as works for piano duet Livingston Gerhart and William Bolcom.

“Russia”, website, April 9, 19:00

the Police Academy on the ruble

TNT – the new season of “the Policeman with the ruble” with Sergey Baranovym in the title role.

In the most prestigious area of the country will open their doors, the police Academy of the Russian Federation. Will head the new structure of the legendary Colonel Vladimir Yakovlev, who in no time have to educate the best staff in the country. Despite the fact that the moral health of Yakovlev over the years in Barvikha seriously undermined – tics, shifty eyes, laughing and crying for no reason – he will do anything to justify his trust. Rumor has it that he has long wanted to assign the General.

Photo: kinopoisk.ru Actors of “Clinic” has launched a podcast about the legendary series

of course, work Yakovlev will not be alone. With him to train new personnel will be employees of OMVD “Barvikha North” Igor Muhic (Roman Popov), Alisa Rybkin (Rina Grishina) and a trio of Elisha, Saveliev, Kotelnikov (Rostislav Gulbis, Alexander Terepka, Sergey Stalnov). But most importantly, to the decision of the cops to join another and Christina (Sofya Kashtanova).

In the new season Grisha Izmailov retired from the police force, married his girlfriend Alena and went to a romantic indefinite journey around the world. Therefore, all the focus has shifted to the Vladimir Yakovlev, who will become the main driving force of the series. By the way, since 6 April, TNT will start for the first time on a TV show of the acclaimed series “Call DiCaprio”.

TNT, from 6 April, 20:00

Tarantino – quarantined

the Channel of world and national cinema “movie Premiere” for the first time on the national TV show ninth film in Quentin Tarantino’s “One day in Hollywood…”.

Los Angeles, 1969. The once popular soap actor and star of TV westerns Rick Dalton, along with his understudy, a chauffeur and best friend, cliff booth tried unsuccessfully to grab the elusive fame in Hollywood and not get lost in a too fast changing world “dream factory”. It also turned out that lives in the neighborhood, fashion Director Roman Polanski with his wife – a young actress Sharon Tate.

starring – star cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, brad pitt and Margot Robbie. The picture was nominated in ten categories of the award “Oscar”-2020 and won two awards: for the best work of art Director for the best male role of the second plan, was awarded to brad pitt.

“movie Premiere”, 8 April, 20.30

Thailand and dolphins

a New documentary on HDL speaks about the sacred realm of impressive beauty, because Thailand is not just beaches. The country of Paradise Islands, rice fields, high limestone cliffs, hidden temples and the sleepless city of Bangkok.

In the capital can meet the animals that have made the urban environment their home. A trip to the North of the country is like a journey in time: still ancient tribes practice ancient traditions.

Also on the channel – a film “Conversations with dolphins”. In the film the French documentary shows the meeting of seven leading experts on dolphins from all over the world, who has dedicated his life to deciphering the mysterious behavior of these amazing mammals.

HDL, from 6 to 8 April, 21:50

Chernobyl: air, water, earth

On TV channel “Living planet” – the premiere of the first episode of the documentary cycle “to Survive in Chernobyl”. All about the main man-made disaster of the XX century and its consequences in a three-part cycle, made directly on a place of events of the past.

Photo: courtesy the Second season of “Heroes Enville” was released in the app “Cartoon”

From the first part of the movie – “Air” – viewers will learn: in what condition now there is that fourth unit? As thirty years have changed the species composition of birds in the Area and was affected by the radiation? That allows to survive to the professionals nearest to the burial ground of the station radiation monitoring? Where you can hide from radioactive smoke during forest fires and dust storms? What will happen to man if he will try the honey collected by bees Chernobyl?

the Following two series of the project “Water” and “Earth” is raised topics: who fishes in the radioactive waters of the Pripyat river? Why under the eaves of abandoned houses, the dosimeter starts off scale? Where you can find “Chernobyl mutants”? What animal was the most radioactive in the exclusion Zone? This and many other things in the documentary project.

“Living planet”, April 11, 9:50.

Missing children

a Documentary film “the Disappearance and murder in Atlanta: the lost children” on the service Amediateka. This is a chilling Doc about the abductions and murders of children in Atlanta between 1979 and 1981. It was revealed only two cases remaining for a long time remained in the shadows.

it’s time to reread the archives, not only to restore justice for the families of victims, but also to understand the impact those terrible events had on the country and what they had to say about the state of the nation. The investigation leading outstanding documentary filmmakers Jeff Dupre and Maro Chermayeff (“Marina Abramovic: the artist is present”).

“Amediateka”, from April 6

Wrestling: improved

the Popular TV series “the Good fight” of “translating” for a fourth season. It will be shown on the resource Amediateka.

For many years, Diane Lockhart have carefully built my career. It is, withoutconventionally, earned the right to rest on their laurels: a brilliant lawyer plans to save a certain amount and enjoy your vacation. However, a new scandal cancels her plans.

Amediateka, from April 10