Why do pharmacies still no masks

With the beginning of the epidemic, not only in Russia but also in other countries of the masks have disappeared from the market or their prices soared. In January, when it became clear that the epidemic in the Wuhan takes a dangerous turn, in Blagoveshchensk in half a day sold out up to 200 thousand masks, while in previous years for the season of colds enough 30 million, told “RG” in the Executive Directorate of the Association “pharmacy Guild”.

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the Price from the wholesaler to the hype (December 2019) was a maximum of 2.5 rubles per share, in January prices increased four times – up to 10 rubles, and now starts from 30 rubles. In February, in some regions, as confirmed by the FAS, the mask has risen tenfold. Before the outbreak in Russia of 18 enterprises produced about 600 thousand medical masks per day. According to Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov, this was enough and for the health system and for export.

due to the transition of manufacturers on non-stop operation managed to increase output to 1.6 million units per day by mid-April, is expected to achieve output of 5 million pieces per day, said Manturov. To mask reappeared in pharmacies, the authorities zeroed import duties on them and imposed a ban on their exports (it is valid until June 1).

the Value of exports masks from Russia to 2019 and Analytical centre under the Ministry of industry and trade (ACVT) estimates at 94.2 thousand dollars, with imports of 1.9 million dollars. The main supplier of masks to Russia, China and Malaysia – accounted for 77% of imports.

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According to rough estimates, if Russia made in peacetime by 600 thousand masks a day, in the year was 220 million masks, or $ 3.5 million, which is much more import 1.9 million and increased production and preservation of imports we can hope for full coverage of the country’s domestic needs.

to have that kind of medical mask, it is necessary to have equipment and certified for production of medical devices production. Registration in Roszdravnadzor required to perform any imported medizdeliya. According to the CEO of the company for the production of medical masks “Resid” Ivan Kulchitskogo, on receipt of this document, the company lasted one year.

“the Mask is worn for two hours, then change. Only one Moscow to meet peak demand – a few dozen million a day – said the Deputy head of the company STADA CIS Ivan Glushkov. – To open new production – not that expensive, but for a long time. It is necessary to design and purchase the equipment, and the epidemic would end. And in off-peak times, the mask is not particularly needed”.

Pharmacies have the right to sell only certified medical device, the stress in the “Evalar”, which has its own pharmacy network. “Now everyone makes a mask from what is at hand. And it’s not always high-quality, hypoallergenic material,” says Stepan Eremin, owner of the Novosibirsk company Svart, turning the production of reusable masks.