Why did Lenin in his last speech, spoke of the far Eastern Republic

And before “defeated the chieftains dispersed to the Governor and the Pacific their campaign ended”, there existed a kind of mysterious far Eastern Republic.

Paramount it

It was a Republic with its capital in Chita. With your constituent Assembly, the government, currency and even army. Freedom of speech – however, the newspaper Moscow did not scold but local Bolsheviks a very canine; in the DDA flourished multi-party system. The Republic was even a kind of economic independence – although it claims that forest concessions to the Americans and the Japanese. Latest and liked Vladivostok, reputed to be “a free city” under the wing of the Seaside district Council. The cunning Japanese demanded to raze Vladivostok fortress to the ground and the gun from the shores of the homeland to clean up.

But who would the Russians were in power in Primorye, fortress and Outpost status is not enrolled.

And two years after the proclamation of the Republic, in November 1922, Lenin said gold his words about the “end of Russia” in Vladivostok. Paramount to him. Remember: he was already a very sick man, in the spring of 1922, could neither speak nor write. But in November returned to normal – a few even surprised myself, last psychological touch noticed Supervisory Trotsky. Lenin pinned his gimlet eye and said, “Leo, I even learned to talk again.” Trotsky delicately nodded: Ah-Ah.

It was a period of cooperation of chiefs. “Friends against” Stalin, who, sensing that Lenin remained a short time, took a thin (for “rude hick”) game: well, for example, is not reported immediately to Trotsky that Lenin had a stroke. Won the day, considering, as in the case of what not to allow to the helm of Lev Davidovich. He also knew that Lenin with health bad, but… with Lenin, Trotsky competed, and Stalin just despised: well, not “the son of a shoemaker” “not feeling at every step his intellectual and moral inferiority”.

photo: Photo from the book Lenin’s “rolls-Royce” crashed into a cow and was miraculously saved from recycling

In such circumstances, Lenin was extremely important to speak at the Plenum of the Moscow Soviet. Yourself. To be seen alive, bright, still. 20 November 1922 he sat in a favorite “rolls-Royce”, inherited from the priest-king, and went to present evidence of the correctness of its line.

the Vladivostok, just annexed by the Soviet Russia and caught the revolution, came in handy.

a Piece of old Russia

“We went on the course, said Lenin, which was taken before, I can tell you with clear conscience that kept it quite consistently and with enormous success… the Capture of Vladivostok has shown (after all, Vladivostok is far, but this city-it nashenskie)… a global aspiration for us, to our conquests. Here and there – of the RSFSR. This commitment has delivered us enemies and from civil and from foreign enemies who attacked us. I’m talking about Japan. We have won the diplomatic situation… the whole world recognized”.

The DDA was their money Photo: RIA Novosti

the Audience of the Bolshoi theatre, Lenin met with genuine enthusiasm. Ovation, according to eyewitnesses, lasted “for three “international”. Searched the phrase “long live the leader of the world revolution!” sounded again and again. For Lenin, it worked the life-giving, his speech was “extremely cheerful, encouraging and optimistic”.

map of the far Eastern RepublicKi.

on the same day thousands of miles from Moscow, Vladivostok, quietly burning a piece of old Russia that gave the last of his strength the people of her giants – the Soviet Union.

coming Back to my young, I can honestly say, I never quite understood then what it’s for far Eastern Republic was, and why I existed in my native land? Why is it called a “buffer”?

In 1920, the far East state that existed two years

up To 60-ies of the last century it was rarely remembered. Thaw gently, drop by drop, began to blur slender, but untrue the building of post-revolutionary history of the country. Well, in the 90s, when Yeltsin said, “Take as much sovereignty as you can swallow”, referring to the sprawling part of the Federation, my personal puzzle about the DDA, amazing Leninist project finally came together. Not enough changed from the land of the Bolsheviks neither the strength nor the means nor the personnel to keep once the whole gigantic country, torn by bloody sharpened contradictions. Overrun by invaders and adventurers. Hungry. Evil.

far East, they have postponed “on then”.

Not ruined. Didn’t break through the knee. They had the wit, creativity and, actually, money that without the iron grip here to keep their significant influence.

But maybe most importantly – they had not felt in the far East is clear and direct support.

soldiers of the people’s revolutionary army DDA. Photo: RIA Novostepanivka free Cossacks

In an era of great upheaval in the far East was inhabited by the vast majority of the Cossacks and settlers – the people under serfdom lived. So, the Bolshevik slogan “Land to peasants!” had no effect on them: they were peasants and they had the land. Well, what are they Bolsheviks?

Kolchak? From the point of view of the far Eastern descendants of free settlers who came here for a better share from the Ukraine and from Central Russia, the Admiral with his “Tsar’s thumb” was also unacceptable. Far Eastern people lived at ease, in the balcony a little bitty gun in the barn zernishko. DDA traded with China. Was negotiating with the Germans about mining…

Have the ability, the Bolsheviks immediately after the 1917 put the iron division, Sovietization met on the qualified, tough and meaningful resistance.

Commander-in-chief of the army DDA Vasily Blucher (left) and members of the military Council of the Eastern front became the heroes of the movie “the Password is not needed.” Photo: RIA Novosti

divisions Instead of the Bolsheviks sent the war Minister Vasily Konstantinovich Blucher, who was dodgy all Japanese together. He was in no hurry. He was able to build the people’s army of the DDA, was put in charge of guerrilla groups white staff officers, military experts, explaining their idea of serving Russia in the ranks of the Bolsheviks – but against the invaders. He diplomatically waited, not entering into a direct confrontation with the Japanese, he was not opposed to negotiating with them, including secret – that he will remember and how to remember Stalin.

In the 1960-ies, when the archives opened, there was a book Juliana Semenova “no Password required”. And then a movie on it, where the theme of “their truth” participants of the tragic events – white, red, Cossacks, officers, partisans, intellectuals, Industrialists – for the first time sounded very clearly.

the Aroma of the Silver age

Filmed in Vladivostok. It was an event in the life of the city. If necessary – blocked the movement. Paved road rubber rubble. People were released from work to participate in the crowd. The street went alive Rodion Nahapetov. And Ariadna Shengelaya, which is then replaced by another actress but in the episodes where from the back, left. In our private, very Soviet naval city there were strange signs, which totally transformed its streets and houses. Then came cabaret “Bi-BA-Bo”. “The partnership of the brothers Brinner” (Yulu relatives the same one from “the Magnificent seven”). “The store of Kunst and Albers”. Smelled something half-forgotten. Semi-forbidden. Silver age. All of a sudden remembered that in the “Bi-BA-Bo” sat David Burliuk. And in the gallery a special place began to enjoy a modest but lovely work of Marc Chagall.

Photo: Nazarov N. / TASS Why is Marshal Blucher was arrested after the fighting at lake Khasan

the local Newspapers are referred to government officials of the DDA: one of them, steadfast, like the bear of Bolshevik Fyodor Petrov played in the movie “the Password does not need” our far Eastern Eugene Salnikov, the leading actor of Primorsky regional drama theatre. About another Bolshevik, former Prime Minister of the DDA Abram the city, suddenly became aware that he stole Mayakovsky Lilya Brik. And this, incidentally, was almost true. Like the fact that it was the adventurer somehow weak struggled, for example, with a Chinese opium den. Suffered the Mensheviks in the government. And when the Republic came safely to the RSFSR, Krasnoshchekov, a friend of Trotsky, but who fulfilled the Covenant Bukharin’s “Enrich yourselves!”, immediately caught stealing, the story of Brick brought it under the “personal dirt”, and 1937 set on the biography of bloody point.

Abram Krasnoshchekov.

But all this will come later. And in the beginning of 1920-ies the Soviet Russia has gained power.

the Buffer? But if she needs now a buffer?

Cross leader

In 1921, in may, an event occurred which accelerated the final DDA. In VLdevastate happened the white revolution. And white gave up the slack, which sooner or later give any collaborators: they asked the Japanese to leave. Promised, figuratively, to demolish the fortress of Vladivostok. The Outpost Of The Motherland. Here a positive role was played by the US – somehow we even find it hard to believe, but in those years in America were quite strong sentiments of non-interference in the Affairs of Soviet Russia in General and DDA in particular.

U.S. President Warren G. Harding initiated a conference on the peaceful development in the Asia-Pacific region! And on it went, the delegation of the DDA. However, she worked there, rather on the sidelines, but quite productive: we wanted to prevent the strengthening of the Japanese, and the DDA was able to gain a direct benefit. The Japanese thought, figured that’s what – and left.

the Representatives of the DDA in the negotiations with the Japanese command. 1920.

the Red army defeated the whites. Whites fled to Harbin. DDA dissolved in the Soviet Russia.

… In the 1980-ies Vladivostok on the hill of the Cross, the beautiful, jutting out into the sea, was going to put a tall statue of Lenin. And knock on the pedestal the words about “the city language”, known to every schoolboy. At Dalzavod in the shop N 14 even made a layout to see how Lenin would look from the side of the sea with the humpback and the city streets. However, the case of Lenin were by the sunset, began restructuring. The layout of the night, smashed with sledgehammers. Instead of Lenin, put a commemorative stone – like, ever gonna get and leader. Yes it is not set.

And after the customers are supplied the stone cross, paradoxically confusing Story. As often happens in our vast realities from Moscow to Vladivostok.

the layout of the monument to Lenin in Vladivostok.