On the ambulance were

Out – of hospital emergency medical service (CBSE) of Krasnodar – specialized teams go to people with suspected coronavirus.

Photo: Press-service of office of onf in the Astrakhan region Residents of Astrakhan carry free doctors

“Macabria” (so-called among themselves, the doctors) refer patients with symptoms of SARS to the list, who recently returned from abroad and feel bad. Such patients hospitalitynet in the regional infectious diseases hospital, where foster created a separate box for patients with suspected coronavirus.

“the challenges we go with a full set of personal protective equipment – shows special recruitment paramedic substation No. 9 hospital ambulance (emergency hospital) Natalia Savina. – Here costume-robe, hat, gloves, boot covers, mask, goggles that protect the eyes from getting the virus. In addition, our vehicle is equipped with: a ventilator and other medical equipment in case of severe condition of the patient. There is a quartz lamp, is connected to the fan, it disinfects the air.” After each evacuation the patient staff at the infectious diseases hospital treated the vehicle with a disinfectant solution.

“of Course, people are now reinsured, – says Natalia Savina. And call an ambulance at the first symptoms of respiratory disease – cough, fever, runny nose. Call even those who came from Moscow. And those who by profession have frequent contact – truckers, taxi drivers, Bank employees”.

a restaurant in Vladivostok, began to prepare free meals for physicians

All this, in recognition of Natalie, the increased loading. Although there are rules. For example, returning from overseas tourists at a normal feeling needs to call a doctor from the clinic to be tested and observed for 14 days. If there are complications you need to contact an ambulance.

“we have three specialized teams, but sometimes we add on a line the car of medicine of accidents, to avoid delays, – says head of the operational Department of the ambulance station emergency hospital Galina Doroshkova. – Still calls a lot. Just yesterday, was taken to hospital three people who recently returned from America. But all taken on suspicion of a coronavirus weak symptoms”.

Go to the dispatcher service. In a large room, separated by transparent walls, there is the muted hum of voices – eleven professionals responsible for digital communication on treatment, five more people distributed team challenges. These days, when most families stay home and not go outside the line “103” breaks from the constant calls. Even had to convert managers other services – emergency assistance and “112”.

Photo: Sergey Mikheev/RG Moscow doctors would protect against coronavirus medicine for malaria

“unfortunately, now the line is overloaded and those who really need an ambulance, simply can not get through, – says Galina. – And all because people call us with a variety of social issues. For example, ask how to contact the clinic to do x-rays to tests. Sometimes call with the words “I can’t get through to the Bank.” Or here’s a simple example: a child is seriously hurt, the parents can take him to the emergency room, but fear that there will be problems with moving around the city in a quarantine. Because gaining “103”.

In fact, when the deterioration of each person can go to the hospital or clinic. In this we have seen by going to the emergency Department of the clinical hospital of emergency medical care. However, there is a new routine. At the entrance on duty all measure temperature with electronic thermometer. Also in his Arsenal – a pulse oximeter that determines oxygen level in the blood. It affects the health of a person, his life and activity. The doctor can only go booties and medical mask. But quickly – in the corridors of the quiet, empty. And no queues.

the Doctors have added money

From the first of April medical professionals providing specialized medical care to patients in hospitals, will receive additional payments. This instruction was given by the Governor of Krasnodar Krai Veniamin Kondratiev.

Allowance per month will be – 50 thousand rubles for doctors, 25 thousand for nurses and 15 thousand – for the younger ones.

Also co-pay to get doctors, EMTs, medical personnel providing primary health care to patients with coronavirus.

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