Bike rental in Moscow will be free for participants and volunteers

Launch hire this year in stages. From April 10 to earn only half of the stations, the rest will be available from 17 April. The Department of transportation notes: according to experience of other capitals of the world, the availability of bicycles reduces the number of movements of citizens on the subway and ground transport. “The largest courier delivery services and city bike volunteers will help to reach residents in their orders”, – assured the DMV. Access hire can get medics, but it is discussed.

Photo: Sergey Kuksin/RG Couriers have become one of the most popular professions

to start using the rental, courier services and organization volunteers must obtain from the municipality for instructions on connecting to the free rate. The offer is already interested in the food delivery services Delivery Club and “Yandex.Food.” Their couriers will have to register a Bicycle through the app or on the website to activate the promo code in the personal Cabinet and to connect the tariff “Service”. Take a bike at one station and return it to another. For citizens to rent until the end of April will not work. Further, as before, the most active will be able to purchase a ticket for the whole season and ride until late autumn.

And how are you?

Rostov can purchase some items with free and, as promised, stores, contact free home delivery. Notifications of new free services received by mobile phone and email. Choose from children’s clothing to the elite of tea.

Photo: Sergey Kuksin/RG As the Russians maintain physicians struggling with the pandemic coronavirus

As explained on the phone in the store, the seller will come to a safe taxi and will be in a protective mask and gloves. And the product, you can choose a photo on the page of the boutique, pictures of favourite things forward for more detailed consideration at the phone or e-mail.

Free delivery offered, and on the “hot line” of the trade network with a wide range of shoes, apparel and accessories. Crimean designer and manufacturer of leather goods made of genuine leather brings your bags in the cities of the Peninsula are also free, and in addition, sewing masks and gives them to volunteers that help the elderly.

Tambov owner of several bakeries Vladimir Leshchenko 2 APR free puts warm loaves of bread in the food packages for the elderly. Two of his friends, also businessmen joined the rally. One adds to “solder” your cookies, the other med. And the owner of a family supermarket Denis Bastrykin free gives purchase from their store pensioners home.

Photo: From personal archive Eugene myronovych the Volunteers were allowed to purchase drugs without prescription

In Syktyvkar public organization “the satisfied citizen,” gives the homeless free dry rations. Money the social worker to help residents of the city. For the map project received more than 41 thousand rubles. And one of poultry farms of Chelyabinsk organized a charity event to help elderly people in your home because of the pandemic coronavirus. All those who wish to order home delivery grocery free set of a dozen of eggs and chicken soup. It is enough just to call the call center and report your age, address and phone number.

In Dagestan, the drivers decided to help the doctors working in busy schedule. Wishing PRto soedinilis to share leave in his car a sign that read, “Get the doctor” and a contact phone number with the hashtag #myvote and #of davesource.

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