What are the risks of pandemic zoos in different countries

In the US, experts warn that as the introduction of vehicle restrictions in the country, many zoos may face a shortage of food that threatens death from starvation. In addition, it was found that COVID-19 may directly threaten animals. Zoo in new York announced that this virus was diagnosed in Malay tigress, meant to catch it from the staff. This is the first such case in the world. At the tiger, her sister, two tigers and a lion noticed a dry cough and loss of appetite.

Photo: iStock In the Leningrad zoo has shown how animals live without visitors

the Deserted American zoos have moved to an online broadcast of their everyday life. For example, a major Smithsonian zoo in Washington DC has placed cameras in the cages of lions, pandas, elephants and even moles. Many zoos spread of the video where the staff are trained, entertains or feeds the animals. The aquarium in Monterrey launched a video with an aquarium of jellyfish for meditation. And the subscribers of the Chicago aquarium celebrities have become two penguins, who were released to wander the corridors and look at other Pets.

In the UK, according to the Daily Star, it is especially difficult for small local zoos whose owners have purchased products for their Pets in the supermarkets, against the backdrop of panic buyers now limit the volume of sales in one hand.

Italian zoos are sounding the alarm: in the near future they may be deprived of necessary care and the usual diet. The first SOS threw a Safari Park on lake Maggiore. “We appeal to shopping centers, supermarkets, fruit and vegetable shops, bakeries, manufacturers, and farms with a request to donate unwanted products,” the statement says Park, who’s afraid not survive without the revenue from the sale of tickets to visitors and not to wait for the promised government of the state subsidies.

Photo: iStock Cats called the most susceptible to coronavirus animals

But the Naples zoo to survive hard times and to provide decent care for animals, launched a Facebook campaign #sostienilozoo (#pomogite). Its essence is to buy a perpetual ticket, which can be used immediately after the virus is defeated.

In France, 350 zoos were closed in mid-March, dismissing almost the entire staff, except for vets and those who care for animals. In one of the largest institutions of its kind in Beauval radically changed work schedule employees to completely eliminate the contact between them. In this zoo stock feed and pet food will suffice for five to six weeks. And considering that suppliers and transport companies operate in the same mode, with the supply of all necessary major problems should not be.

Zoos do not have enough money for food for animals, because I have no one to sell tickets

a Different picture in smaller zoos. The main issue is financial. Many of them live on the money from ticket sales, and may soon be on the verge of bankruptcy. So, the zoo Boissière du doré takes the population of an SOS: to feed the guests and for payment of current expenses per month is required 215 thousand euros, and the cashier that. Collected about 10 thousand euros, but this is not enough.

Photo: CRUCIATTI / AFP empty because of the quarantine center of Rome came wild animals

In Germany closed indefinitely zoos are experiencing a real disaster. Often they have to rely on donations or support. Director the unique nature reserve on the North sea coast in Schleswig-Holstein was incredibly happy when the locals drove the wagon with hay, straw, wheat, carrots, and bird seed. This will be enough to last at least a week. Portal Deutsche Welle published a picture of Karlsruhe, where on the deserted walkways of the zoo all day walking the bull Nanda. And the administration of the zoo don’t know where to get the money to feed Nanda and the other inhabitants.