New measures to support Russians touched and utilities, licenses and insurance

until the end of the year will not be assessed penalties for unpaid utilities and for the debts doesn’t make them off; will not charge a penalty for late payment of contributions for capital repair.

– low income until October 1, no additional evidence shall be extended the right to receive subsidies for housing and utilities

Photo: iStock the Cabinet approved the maximum size of loans for cases on the vacation

– organizers canceled cultural events are required to provide ticket holders an alternative: to attend another event after the country will return to the usual rhythm of life, or, if customer is not satisfied, to return him the money. A refund for the electronic ticket shall be made within 30 days from the date of application through the Internet or on the same day in an organization with a usual ticket, but after removal of restrictive regimes. The ticket holder has the right to ask for refund within six months after the lifting of restrictive measures.

the citizens who failed to complete the registration or re-registration of policies of obligatory medical insurance, extend duration of the interim certificates.

– carrying out laboratory tests for coronavirus will be paid under the program of obligatory medical insurance.

Photo: Sergey Sleek/TASS the Russian Government imposed a moratorium on the initiation of bankruptcy

– term license, expiring from March 1 until the end of 2020, automatically renewed for another year. This applies to permits for construction, drug manufacturing, communication services, television and radiobroadcasting, on the activities of organisations providing security.

– planned inspections of small and medium business will be assigned only if there is evidence of harm or serious threat to the life and health of people permit the prosecution, on the basis of orders of the President of the government.

– from 2 April until the end of the year developers will not be penalized, and apartment buildings will not be included in the registry of troubled assets.