The Polish Vice Prime Minister resigned because of a conflict in the ruling coalition

Recall that on may 10, in Poland election of the President. At the same time, Poland introduced a state of the epidemic. This means that it is forbidden not only crowded, but two people are not from the same family to gather in public places is prohibited. The opposition is demanding the postponement of the election as ubiquitous in other European countries affected by the epidemic of the coronavirus. But the ruling party “law and Justice” refuses, and she had good reason. The fact that during serious crises, people tend to support the government. This is confirmed by the results of a study carried out by the Polish sociological center IBRIS: if the elections do take place may 10, at the sites dare to come only 20.7 percent of the electorate, but it will be disciplined electorate of the ruling party “Peace”, voting for the current President Andrzej Duda. In this situation, he will win in the first round from 41.9 percent of the vote.

Photo: Oleg Mineev/ RIA Novosti Polish Authorities cancelled the visit on the anniversary of the disaster Tu-154 for coronavirus

According to the newspaper the date of the elections caused a split in the ruling coalition. It began with the fact that the Minister of health Shumovsky Lucas tried to explain to the leader of the Pis Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who makes key decisions in life that send 30 million voters in the precinct during the epidemic is a huge risk. Kaczynski quickly put the young Minister in place. Then to convince the head of the Pis attempted coalition partner – Chairman of the party “Consent” Yaroslav Gauvin. Using the fact that without its 18 deputies from the ruling party will not be the majority in the Sejm, he threatened Kaczynski’s veto, even if the vote is remote, as planning authority. At the same time, Gowing proposed to postpone the election for three months, for a year and even two. But none of these variants were not adopted. After the morning of Monday the deputies of the ruling party submitted to Parliament a bill providing for voting by mail, Jaroslav Gowing resigned from all my posts – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of science and education. “Even in this difficult situation Polish political elite is unable to come to agreement”, – he complained good-bye.

Note that against remote voting by mail has already made all the political forces represented in the Sejm from the left to nationalists and eurosceptics. And voters, according to a survey conducted by the research center of United Surveys, participate in this action do not plan to. “Definitely no” to the question, would You have voted by mail, if elections were held next Sunday, said 42.5 percent of respondents “more likely no” – 13%. “Definitely Yes” and “Rather Yes” answer only 23 percent and 15.9 percent, respectively.