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In Moscow for the day issued 3.2 million digital gaps, enabling them to move around the city by car or public transport. With about 900 thousand of them will be cancelled
In the last days in Moscow noticed some decline in new COVID severe cases-19. This is due to improvement of test-systems, said Sergei Sobyanin. Diagnoses are faster, and the serious consequences it comes less often
Parking for the doctors and medical staff working in the capital with coronavirus patients became free, said the Deputy mayor of Moscow on issues of social development Anastasia Rakova
Every day in the capital is 18 thousand studies on the coronavirus. This figure has led the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. "In particular, we have ensured the testing of all patients coming to the hospital with pneumonia," said he
Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin signed a decree according to which for trips across Moscow and Moscow region by car and public transport are special digital badge. In his blog, he described in detail the rules of implementation of the system
A system of digital badges in the capital to travel around Moscow and the Moscow region by car and public transport will work with future environment. But to begin their registration will be on Monday. Walking while it is possible with no gaps
April 15 in Moscow generate a digital pass for travel around the capital by car and public transport. "Russian newspaper" tells in detail about the three ways of obtaining such permits
Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin has announced plans to create in the capital COVID centers. "The main task of these centers will be diagnosis and the choice of tactics of treatment of patients," - said the head of the city
The capital continues to increase its number of beds for the treatment of patients with coronavirus infection. The Moscow government will allocate five billion rubles for the conversion of the Federal clinics that connect to the suppression of a dangerous virus
More than 145 thousand people per month were tested for the coronavirus in Moscow. This was reported by Deputy Moscow mayor for social development Anastasia Rakova. The tests in the capital for a new infection are in the Federal, municipal and private laboratories
Moscow is in the highest risk group in connection with the spread of the coronavirus, so the local authorities are taking tough decisions to prevent its spread. This was stated by the mayor Sergei Sobyanin
Sergei Sobyanin recalled that the enterprises and organizations in respect of which has not been set a ban on their citizens visiting will have to adjust his work. "As soon as the danger disappears, these measures will be abolished," said the mayor
The mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin reminded the public about the amendments to the RF Code of administrative offences, which establishes liability for violation of the regime of high alert
Even in the current difficult situation, all the life support systems of Moscow continue to function as a clock. About how during high alert, the city has retained a high level of comfort, "RG" said Deputy mayor for housing Pyotr Biryukov
This week Muscovites behave correctly and try to stay home, said the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. However, according to him, continue to walk about three million citizens. And that's fine, I'm sure the mayor
Passport under the regime of self-isolation needs to carry every resident of Moscow. This was stated by the Chairman of city Parliament Alexey Shaposhnikov. He stressed that the registration address with the actual place of residence to verify nobody will
The introduction of passes for getting around the city is irrelevant for Moscow, says mayor Sergei Sobyanin. "The experience of the first non-working week have shown that while this is not necessary," wrote the mayor in his blog
Sergei Sobyanin has decided to cancel the contributions for the repair of Muscovites from April 1 to June 30. In addition, betting offices, totalizators and betting shops, according to the decree of the mayor should suspend work until further notice
The tightening of the regime of self-isolation has already given its effect, said Deputy Moscow mayor Anastasia Rakova. Monday, March 30, the situation has improved, the majority of Muscovites stayed home, she said
In Moscow was closed 14.9 thousand public catering enterprises and over 40 thousand stores. "In General, the mechanism of social distancing began to work", - summed up the first days the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin and urged all to take care of yourself and stay home
Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin thanked the Metropolitan physicians for their work in the fight against coronavirus. "Always with great respect for the work of physicians, but for now just admire," he said
The mayor appealed to residents of Moscow with the request not to leave home during non-working weeks. "This is not an extraordinary holiday and a key measure to combat spread of the new coronavirus infection," - said the mayor
On Friday Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin has opened the largest in the country the clinic for patients with COVID-19, designed by 1,3 thousand beds. The new hospital has been deployed in city clinical hospital №15 named after Filatov. In Moscow already prepared a Department of eight hospitals
Pet shops and liquefied gas will be sold on a non-working week in Moscow, reported the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. In addition, the city will work in the phone stores. "RG" has published the corresponding decree of the mayor
During non-working weeks from 28 March to 5 April, the shops and pet shops will continue to work in Moscow. In addition, the list of commodities that can be sold during this period included liquefied natural gas
Hospital №15 named. Filatova in Moscow willing to accept cases of coronavirus. To do this, they trained more than 1,300 beds, said the Deputy mayor of Moscow on issues of social development Anastasia Rakova
March 28 in Moscow will close all the restaurants, cafes and beauty salons. Restrictions will apply until 5 April. This is stated in the decree of the mayor Sergey Sobyanin. Will stop all shopping except for food and pharmacy
Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced new restrictive measures in Moscow. He stressed that they are imposed temporarily, from 28 March to 5 April. Their goal is to make Russians stay at home and thereby slowed the spread of coronavirus infection
Cafes, restaurants and other food service establishments in non-working week in Moscow should be closed. This opinion was expressed by mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. Also the city government will take a decision on the mode of operation of shopping malls and parks
The mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin sure that the peak incidence of coronavirus in the city has not yet passed. Thus city authorities hope that it will go smoothly - it is now sent to numerous measures taken in the city and the country
In Moscow on March 25 introduced new restrictions to prevent COVID-19. Close all the cultural and recreational facilities. In cafes and bars you can't smoke hookah. Dentistry will provide only emergency care for acute pain
In Moscow patients with mild coronavirus infection can with their consent to be treated at home. A temporary treatment order for the period from March 23 to March 30 approved by his order the head of the health Department of the capital Alexei Khripun
If necessary, the delivery of food, medicine and other everyday problems elderly Muscovites will help social workers and volunteers. About this in his blog said Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin
Muscovites older than 65 years and chronically sick people will be paid the single financial aid in the amount of 4 000 rubles. This was announced by Sergei Sobyanin. The city also temporarily cancelled the imposition of penalties and fines for late payment of housing and communal services
The Moscow metro will not stop their work due to coronavirus infection, said mayor Sergei Sobyanin. If you stop the trains, said the mayor of the city, on the restoration of the subway will take six months
Infected with a new coronavirus infection 79-year-old woman died in Moscow, confirmed the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. Pneumonia patient was complicated by severe disease: diabetes type II diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension
The best means of slowing the spread of coronavirus infection is to reduce contact, said Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin. He urged the capital's employers to transfer some employees to work from home
In Moscow it is forbidden to conduct activities with number of participants more than 50 people, said the mayor Sergey Sobyanin. Also announced the closure of General educational and sports schools from 21 Mar to 12 APR
In Moscow over the weekend have confirmed 14 cases of infection COVID-19. The mayor stressed that the situation in the city is much better than in other world capitals, and the authorities are interested in is to immediately report all cases of the disease
An interesting program offered on the weekend in connection with the March 8 libraries and cultural centers of Moscow. Planned over 400 events for the whole family - literary evenings, lectures, creative workshops, concerts and theatrical performances
From what day to count the visits to these countries are dangerous to themselves and other citizens from the point of view of infection and what to do if you feel signs of the virus? "WP" will tell you how to do
The first cases in Moscow, the novel coronavirus infection was cured within a few days he will be discharged from the hospital. This was reported by Deputy Moscow mayor for social development Anastasia Rakova
The Internet began to walk fake: in Moscow mass infection of coronavirus, which hide power. An end to the rumors put Sergei Sobyanin. He said that the disease is indeed identified Muscovite, who arrived from Italy. The mayor also spoke about the measures that had been taken in the city
In the capital's airports because of the coronavirus will be enhanced medical surveillance of the passengers arriving from South Korea and Iran, said the Deputy mayor of Moscow on issues of social development Anastasia Rakova

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