Sobyanin: the Throughput mode is not yet entered

In particular, the new decree, the mayor said that city residents must continue to follow a policy of self-isolation. For Muscovites over the age of 65 and citizens with chronic diseases continues to operate in home mode. The second part of financial assistance – 2 thousand roubles will be paid to them immediately after the April 14 – the wait for the money to may not have.

Photo: Sergey Mikheev Sobyanin signed a law imposing fines for violation of the regime of self-isolation

a visit to the 55 urban parks, country estates and recreational zones is still prohibited. Still won’t work school. Restaurants, sports clubs, shops selling non-food items and other establishments whose activities were suspended by the previous decrees remain closed. According to the regular schedule are only medical organizations and drugstores, grocery stores and outlets for the sale of commodities, banks and organizations for urgent repair and loading and unloading and transportation, utilities, construction, energy, logistics and several others. Organizations that are allowed to continue operation, should determine the optimal number of employees in the workplace and the maximum number of transfer for remote access.

Muscovites showed responsible citizenship in the fight against coronavirus

the mayor stressed that a huge number of questions from Muscovites has arisen in connection with the planned introduction of passes to get around the city. “The experience of the first non-working week have shown that while this is not necessary,” writes the mayor. – Most of the inhabitants are faithfully fulfilling the requirement to stay at home. Muscovites showed responsible citizenship and solidarity in the fight against coronavirus, against total disaster. I am sincerely grateful. Therefore, the skipknow mode of transportation around the city until you can not insert”.

sobyanin the throughput mode is not yet entered 2

At the same time, said the head of the city, the authorities can return to this issue in case of unfavorable development of the situation, or in the case of growth the number of violations of home mode. Sobyanin recalled that infection with coronavirus has already become a reality for more than two and a half thousand Muscovites. There are seriously ill and died from the disease. “It is clear that the pandemic will not end quickly. We must have patience and courage. We have to go through hard times” – says Sergey Sobyanin to Moscow.