Sobyanin: In Moscow created COVID centers

a 40 – city clinics, which have computed tomography, is scheduled to deploy COVID outpatient centers main task will be the diagnosis and the choice of tactics of treatment of patients, – said the mayor.

Photo: Vladimir Trefilov/RIA Novosti Sobyanin about COVID-19: We are at the foot of the peak

People with symptoms of SARS and pneumonia will be able to apply to the COVID center, or the patient will be transported him by Ambulance. Here he is getting a CT scan and other tests which allow to diagnose pneumonia and its nature (viral or not).

if the diagnosis of viral pneumonia, which in the current environment almost always means disease COVID-19, doctors will determine the tactics of treatment, hospitalization or treatment at home.

In the case of a decision in favor of treatment at home, the patient will receive the recommendations of the therapist on treatment and medication in the pharmacy, and will remain under the supervision of doctors COVID center.

the Offices of computer tomography in COVID centers will be transferred to the permanent mode.

For fast diagnosis and transcripts the staff of the offices of the CT diagnosis will be additionally staffed by specialists, among them doctors-radiologists, radiographers.

In the offices of CT will ensure the separation of hardware (the dirty zone) and control room (clean area) parts. Radiology technician degree remains in the control room, and the hardware is the health care provider providing positioning and removal of the patient.

Photo: Sergey Mikheev/RG Sobyanin: Just to visit cemeteries while it will be impossible

COVID centers will be provided with means of individual protection of radiologists and radiographers, as well as means for preventive and focal disinfection of premises.

After leaving the dirty areas of the costume will be removed in accordance with the rules, to decontaminate by immersing in disinfecting solution, put on a gown and mask.

After each surveyed patient will be processing equipment and work surfaces with disinfectant.