Sobyanin ordered the enterprises and institutions of the city to take action against the spread of the virus

1. Most of the enterprises of the city continues to work, some people sent on leave, the part is translated on the remote control.

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it is Very important that all workers of urban enterprises and institutions have taken measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, including provide disinfection and social distancing of 1.5 m between the employees and the visitors. If this requirement is recommendatory, it has now become mandatory. “This is important not only to reduce the spread of infection, but also for the enterprises themselves, for the health of their employees”, – stressed the mayor.

2. To monitor compliance with the mode of increased readiness in their jurisdiction and to draw up protocols and to impose fines on individual entrepreneurs and legal entities have the right to:

– the Union of administrative technical inspections;

– the Department of trade and services;

– Prefectures of administrative districts and justices of areas;

the Department of education and science;

– the Moscow administrative road Inspectorate;

the State Inspectorate for control of use of real estate.

As distributed between the objects of control which will apply the penalties for violations can be viewed on the portal MOS.RU.

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the Mayor stressed: “once the danger is severely reduced or disappear entirely, these temporary measures will be immediately abolished.”

And concludes: “Everything we do today is aimed at one thing – to protect Muscovites from danger as quickly as possible and with minimal losses to survive the tough times”.

the decree of the Mayor of Moscow “On amendments to the decree of the Mayor of Moscow “About modification of the Decree of the Moscow Mayor dated March 5, 2020 No. 12-MIND.”

the decree of the Mayor of Moscow “About features of application of measures of responsibility for violations by organizations and individual entrepreneurs of high alert in the city of Moscow.”