Anastasia Rakova: the first day of isolation Muscovites stayed home

“We cannot ignore how the situation is unfolding rapidly in other countries. We need to be proactive, while you have the chance. The tightening of the regime already had an impact – today, the situation has improved, the majority of Muscovites stayed home,” said Vice-mayor.

Photo: Alexey Filippov / RIA Novosti hotline on coronavirus has received more than 40 thousand applications for social services

Recall that in the decree of the mayor of Moscow from March 29 amended – now all Moscow residents regardless of age are obliged to observe the regime of self-isolation. To leave the apartment, they can only if you need to seek emergency (emergency) medical help and when a direct threat to life and health; to travel to work, if the person is obliged to go to work; shopping at the nearest store or pharmacy; to walk domestic animals, but no further than 100 meters from the place of residence (stay), and with the aim to take out the trash.

Photo: Sergey Mikheev/RG Ask a question oberstab the coronavirus in Moscow

“Last weekend showed that numerous requests to stay home, take care of yourself and keep your social distance, was not heeded by all our residents. Yes, the number of people in the transport and on the streets has decreased. But with more than 50 thousand Muscovites still out in parks, going to the big companies, among them were older people and children primarys risk group”, – commented the Vice-mayor.

She stressed that the new decree is aimed primarily at those who cannot remain at home and continues to lead a normal life during the epidemic in the city, creating a risk for themselves and for others. For conscious people, who already comply with the recommendations, nothing has changed.