Every day in Moscow is 18 thousand studies on coronavirus

Turning to her employees, the mayor said, “At critical times in the forefront often overlook the people in ordinary life we hardly remember. For several weeks the employees of many medical laboratories are working literally without rest and sleep, to increase testing for coronavirus. In no time Moscow deployed additional 9 urban laboratories. Testing began to join private laboratories. Together we have increased the amount of testing with several hundred thousand up to 18 tests a day. It is extremely important for understanding the real picture of the spread of infection, identify infected people and provide timely assistance. In particular, we have provided testing for coronavirus all patients coming into hospital with pneumonia.”

Photo: Alexander Korolkov/WG Sobyanin: Temporarily stops car-share, and beauty salons open before

Sobyanin thanked the doctors for their without exaggeration, according to him, heroic effort. He recalled that before the start of the pandemic coronavirus infection such studies in Moscow, conducted only two Federal laboratories – the anti-plague center and Federal center of hygiene and epidemiology. To date they came to power about 3 million research the day.

To help them in the shortest time opened city the PCR laboratory performing now порядка10 thousand studies on coronavirus in the day – in scientific research Institute of emergency care. N. In. Sklifosovsky, ICB No. 2, Diagnostic clinical center No. 1, Moscow scientific-practical center of Dermatovenereology and cosmetology, Diagnostic center, laboratory, hospital № 40 (Kommunarka), GKB № 67 of them. In L. A.Rajabova, GKB them. M. P. Konchalovsky and Morozov children’s hospital.

In urban laboratories deployed 36 sets of advanced equipment. The laboratory is equipped with 250 medical specialists, doctors, laboratory technicians and medical technologists who have received additional two-day training in the Federal center of hygiene and epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor.

Photo: Alexander Korolkov/WG Sobyanin: 40 clinics in Moscow began receiving patients with coronavirus

To test and joined two private laboratories – “Hemotest” and “Litech”, kotoryeprodayut about 5 thousand studies per day.

Thus, 13 Federal, municipal and private laboratories currently holding about 18 thousand studies on coronavirus in the day.

in addition, with effect from 6 April 2020, guests can also take tests for coronavirus at home – they take the specialists of the Centre of molecular diagnostics of the CPS.

since March 10, 2020 in Moscow made more than 200 thousand of research for more than 145 thousand people.